How do I burn an ISO image?

Hello all, I’m trying to burn an ISO image that is in an WINRAR. I’ve tried both Nero 6 and Imgburn but neither can find the image. I’m tring to burn the image to a DVD.

What I’m I doing wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated.

IF Nero or Imgburn can’t find it! How do you know it’s a ISO image in the WinRar file? Could be anything in the Winrar file and may not even be a ISO! From the very limited inf you supplied, it’s very hard for anybody to help you. :slight_smile:

ISO files (.iso) might be associated with WinRAR. That’s probably why they are opening with WinRAR when you double click on them. Or is the .iso file inside a rar archive? If that is the case, you will have to unrar the iso and then use imgburn or nero to burn the iso. Can you clarify your problem please?

Hello coathi, when I open WinRar I can see the ISO image, but when I navigate with Nero or Imgburn to burn it, neither program don’t see it at all.

I not sure if I sure extract this and then try and burn it or what? The ISO image is 4gigs and that’s why I need to burn it to a DVD. :sad:

Extract it first. Nero or Imgburn will not accept an iso file sitting inside a rar archive (as mentioned in my previous post). Good luck.

Hello sweetleaf, yes the iso file is “inside” the rar. Excuse my ignorance but how do I unrar the iso file?

To clarify, I can see it when I double click the rar, it’s only when I’m trying to burn it with Nero or Imgburn that I’m having the issue.

Simply right click the file. You will see some winrar ‘Extract to’ options (don’t remember exactly as I’m using Linux right now). Select ‘Extract to here’ or something similiar. Remember that your hard disk has to have sufficient free space (~4GB). Once you extract the iso from the rar file, you can go ahead and delete the rar. Then, use your favorite program and burn away! :slight_smile:

So, I should make a folder “outside” the rar file to extract it to and the burn it.

Thank you, I’ll give it a shot. :iagree:

No need to create a separate folder. WinRAR is very easy to use. Extract to will have two options, extract to here and extract to <name of original rar file>. Either will work for you.

If you select the first option, the iso will appear in the same folder where your original rar file is residing currently. The second option will automatically create a new folder (inside your folder where the original rar is sitting) having the same name as your rar file.

If you want to extract the iso to a different directory/partition, select just the ‘extract to’ option. It will then ask you where you want the file to be extracted. Simple? :slight_smile:

You would know how to do that if you had created by yourself.
You are on thin ice.

You also might want to check your Winrar preferences and make sure it is not associated with .ISO files.

Also, just because I like to play devils advocate, just because someone doesn’t know how to unpack a .rar or burn an .iso doesn’t mean it is illegal software (or warezies! as all the hip kids call them). My first few experiences with .rar/iso files were when my admin guy burned some projects I was working and the necessary software (all legal) so I could work on them at home as well.
Anyway, I didn’t know my .rar from my .zip back then, but my ignorance wasn’t due to leeching (woot, look at my lingo) (woot! look at my woot!) warzies during my free time.

Now, this isn’t me defending anyone, just providing an alternate scenerio because I’m killing time at the office waiting for some stuff to finish printing. It is, more likely then not, someone with a torrent twinge that desperately needs the most recent crappy recording of V for Vendetta.