How do I burn an exe. to disk

…in order to install it on another computer?
Dell Dimension 4400; 32BT; XP Home
LG Super Multi Writer model GSA-E10L
Dell E1545 64BT: Windows 7

Yo diskbliss-

You aren’t giving us a whole lot of info here.

Do you want to move a program from one computer to another or a whole bunch of programs?

If you are moving programs - copy them to a CD-R using something like Nero or Imgburn - then download to new computer and install the programs-eh.

Sorry for the spotty info, bigmike7…I’m trying to be specific.
I’m trying to move a whole bunch of programs.
I guess I would like to burn all of these programs onto one disk.
It seems I should…

  1. …download the program, saving to my desktop.
  2. …run each program through MD5 Checksum.
  3. …THEN, having completed steps #1 and 2 for each program, direct to burn in my GSA-E10L LG SuperMulti.
    Is this correct?
    If so, I guess I’m unsure of exactly how to install an exe from a burned disk onto another PC.

Yo diskbliss-

I have successfully used the Files and Transfer Wizard using an external hard drive going from one computer to another - read more about it here: