How do I burn an entire website?

I’d liker to burn the contents of an entire website for infor purposes (drivers, patches, etc). I know it can be done, but how?
Thanks for any help!:cool:

Is the site already on your harddisk? If so, just burn it on a cdr. Otherwise you have to save the site on your hd and then burn it on a cdr.

Website is not saved to my hard disk. How do I go about saving all the pages so as to burn them to a CD? Thanks for the help!

If you just want the patches, maybe you could check to see if there’s an FTP site, log into that, and download the necessary folders.

I bet there’s some kind of bot you can download that would save a site for you, but unless you can read the contents of each directory (which is unlikely for a corporate site), you’d have to right click everything (pages, images, etc) to save it I think.

Never tried it though, so maybe there’s an easier way.:confused:

I work on others people systems and alot of times they do not have internet access. I come across a need for drivers, patches and fixes for software quitches. I am looking ot possibly download the entire site ??? then burn it to disk?

I think you have to physically download all the files then burn a data CD. If your clients sometimes don’t have Internet access then the files must be physically present and a CDR or CD-RW with the actual files would be the best option. Otherwise saving the web site would just provide a link which still requires Internet access to retrieve the data.
Do a search for an Auto Downloader or maybe an multi-threading or Offline browser such as BackStreet might help.
Teleport Pro

Use a Website Downloader prog like Webzip to download the whole website on your HDD.

Then just burn the whole folder onto the CD.

There is another software called Web Page Burner. Haven’t used it.

But, it is for the purpose to automatically download the file & burn in onto a CD.

Also with Flashget, you can tell it to “download all” and it will download every link on the page.
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What is this website you want to download and burn ?

or you can try teleport pro, I used it to get a copy of the complete brain atlas on my hd and after a night work i had it in the desired folder and i could just burn it with nero