How do I burn an avi and Chinese srt subtitle with ConvertXtoDVD so the DVD shows the subtitles not weird symbols?

Thanks for your help in advance, I am not sure if this thread belongs here.

I have been experiencing a problem in which I try to burn an avi file and a Chinese srt subtitle file to a dvd. I can burn the avi, but when I play the dvd in my dvd player (Philips DVP 3020) and turn on subtitles, my Chinese subtitles have been replaced by weird symbols including ?, squares etc.

I would appreciate any help you can provide so that I can burn the avi file and Chinese srt subtitles to a dvd and be able to read the Chinese subtitles instead of getting the unfamiliar symbols.


make sure or convert your subtitles so that they are in unicode.

Also are you setting the page code in ConvertXtoDVD, that corresponds for chinese?