How do I burn a reg audio CD, (WAV) with MP'3 on it w/Nero

Hi all,

I’m fairly new to burning audio CD’s etc and have encountered a request I can’t seem to find an answer for and I was hoping someone could lend a hand.

You know how many of the newer CD’s have a folder on them that contains the songs in MP3 format? Well a friend who just acquired her first iPod and would like her older CD’s, (no MP3’s) to have the MP3’s on them also so she has all her files in one place. She asked me if I could take her older CD’s, rip the files to MP3’s, (which I already did) and then make new CDs that will play in her car and on her home stereo, (she has older gear with no MP3 support) while at the same time contains a folder with the MP3’s of the songs so she can dump em to her iPod when she wants.

I’ve done a bunch of Google searches, but unfortunately the words I’m searching on are too common and I get millions of hits. I’m sure it’s a simple one for most of you, but since all my gear plays MP3’s I’ve never done anything like this, so it a real head scratcher for me.

I am running Nero version Any help or a How-To would be greatly appreciated.



Nero has a function “Make Audio and Data CD”, use that to make your CD. Put all MP3 in a folder and use that in data section of the CD. You will be able to access that section from computer.
Mind you some older players do not like this combination, so you better try one CD first.
Also some newer car cd players can play MP3.

just in case it’s called “mixed mode CD”, but watch the capacity as some audio CD’s will fill a cd-r on it’s own.

CDuncle & silver-spirit,

Thanks for the info that worked great. Just one other question, when I put the test CD I burned into my PC Media Player comes up with unknown Album, (as expected) and the tracks are labeled 1-9. Is there anyway to put info on the CD so it will correctly list the track titles and artist?

Thanks Agian


It’s called CD Text but many of the PC players won’t read that information. You can check if you’ve got CD Text by using a free app called CD Text Manager , a copy can be obtained from here . It’ll read the info from the CD if it’s there.