How do I burn a PS1 Boot disk

I bought one of those boot disks that do not require you to have a mod chip installed. I have tried burning it with several different methods and I have been looking for someone that knows how to do this for a little while now. I got an lg 8400-B and clone CD works on it, I just gotta figure out how to make a copy of it.

If someone out there knows how to do it or have any idea of how I can get around doing this please tell me. I have visited the Deamon-Tools website and have tried several different methods with no luck. Any information would be helpfull.


     - Moldrik -

Good heavens above.
Why did you get the bootdisc in the first place?

I bought the boot disk because last time I tried to solder anything I burnt a hole on my carpet and lets just say I wasn’t succesful at it. Anyways, I bought the cd and it got a couple of minor scratches on it, I bought a cd-rw recently that supports all of this new stuff and I figured it would be a smart idea to make a copy of the cd for future usage.

If anyone can help me out with some info it would be cool, thanks.

If you could copy it you wouldnt need it, you would be able to copy an original game in the same way

Ahh ok i think I see where you are going with this.

From what I understand there is a sort of a protocol that the playstation disks have in order for the playstation console to be able to understand them right?

PSX games are protected, that is why you need eiher a modchip or an original PS-X-Change cd to allow the Playstation to play copies

so how then do you get the games to play on a chipped ps1 if u cant copy the games??

cause i dnt wanna go buy the bootdisc again cause myne is fucked up

If your psx is mod-chipped then there shouldn’t be any difficulty in getting back-up copies to work.

Hi guys =) Ehmmm. I have ps1 (the big one), it’s chipped but i have lost my boost cd that’s make the chip work. Then the big question, where the hell do i download that cd again? I presiate some help =)

I have the Xploder cd9000 cheat system that will boot PSX copies if the microswich is held down. When it says"Start Game" press X and swap the disc for the copy, works every time on mine.
But the same problem exists to back-up the cheat disc or boot disc.You can shop around on ebay for a 2nd hand disc, but surely some enterprising person somewhere, probably China, will come up with a commercially available boot/cheat disc for the PS1.There are still a lot of people out there with them.