How do i burn a movie to a dvd -r?

sorry im sure there millions of answers to the same question.

I have been trying to find help for this, probably fairly easy answer, for a few weeks now. i have new DVD -R and a few movies now, and i need to know how to burn those movies (.avi files) onto a blank DVD -R. i have Nero StartSmart Essentials, i’ve tried burning with that, no use. I’ve tried this DivX player to burn, but its doesnt work on my dvd player, just the computer. im no computer expert. if someone could answer back that would be a tremendous help!

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You want to burn your .avi file to a DVD-compliant disc, so it plays on a regular player, yes?

There are a couple of options I can recommend - first is the option I use myself, ConvertXtoDVD - this isn’t free software, though.

The second is DVDFlick, which is free.

Hopefully you’re using quality discs, and if you burn at 8x - 12x you should get a working DVD from one of the two :slight_smile:

Yes i used the free version of ConvertXtoDVD 3. and i got this message popping up every 3 seconds when watching it on my DVD player. i will try the seconds option. another question, will i need a dvd decypter, what is that?

No, you only need a decrypter ( to remove copy protection) when backing up from an original disc.

I still use ConvertXtoDVD 2, so possibly it’s a limitation of the trial version of ConvertX 3 (the message every 3 seconds).

See if DVDFlick fits your needs, if not, post back. :slight_smile:

Im on the DVD Flick website. it looks kind of sketchy. your positive it will work? and thank you so much for the help. weeks of constant brains farts hopefully paid off lol.

It should do, I see it recommended for this task all the time on here :slight_smile:

Hehe, hopefully no more brain farts and you’ll get some working discs ;)…you’re welcome BTW, good luck!

Yeah, DVDFlick works pretty good,and if you set it to burn project to disc after conversion, it’ll burn with IMGburn,there’s no need for burning with Ner0 Startsmart…Unless of course you prefer to…
There’s is also FAVC,which btw, I prefer to either of the other two…
To each their own,and whatever works!..:smiley:

Also, this may come in handy: DVDFlick: a basic guide, written by one of our forum members :slight_smile: