How Do I Burn A Large Backup Image File (11gb) To Multiple DVD Discs With Nero?


Have asked this question over in the “Newbie” forum - but still at loss for definitive answer-

What I want to do is copy large file (11gb) to multiple DVD’s in Nero - then have the ability to copy them to hard drive in event of hard drive failure -

Anyone know how I do this?

Thanks in advance for your help-


what software are you using for amking the backup? You might be able to create multiple files and to define the image size before making the image (PowerQuest Drive Image is able to do this).

Yo H3rB3i-

I am using Acronis “True Image” for backing up my personal and business images - and to the best of my knowledge - it only makes one image file per full backup - the incremental backups are ofcourse much smaller than the full-


this might help.

Aside from splitting the image into DVD5 size chunks you can also have Acronis True Image Workstation burn it directly for you, provided you have InCD installed:

You won’t be able to mount an image split/spanned over different DVD’s though:

Yo All-

Thank you so very much for the help!!