How do I burn a DVD?

Hello. :slight_smile: I just ‘took action’ to place all my old VHS home movies on DVD. I bought Pinnacle studio 11 and made a nice file, but when I put it on a DVD (TDK DVD-R 2x) with CDBurnerXP Pro 3 and tried to play it on my DVD players (Toshiba SD K-600 and Sony something) I got the message “Disc Error”. I burned it on two seperate discs because I didn’t know the difference between a bootable and a non-bootable disc. I learned when I accidentally left the bootable one in the computer then turned it on. :disagree: That was funny. I really should just go back to watching more TV as an activity. I bought Nero Express and got lots of fun error messages with that-My Romeo & Juliet names were too long-then others… Now a friend of a friend tells me the proper format is MPEG4, so make sure to convert it. Well, over the past week I’ve learned way more than I thought I would have & I’ve seen a lot of posts in a lot of forums & I remembered you guys-came here to post first. Anyway it looks good on the computer & plays with all the programs I have. It’s a 2.6 GB VIDEO_TS file. The DVD players are looking for something that it has, or is not! Thank you very much for being here! :flower: (I’ve spent way too much time being entertained by the smilies.)

It’s a 2.6 GB VIDEO_TS file.

Try ImgBurn in Build Mode.

Do I need to include an AUDIO_TS file for DVD player compatibility and since they come up empty can making a file by that name work?

With ImgBurn, the AUDIO_TS folder is made automatically if it doesn’t already exist. You don’t need to do anything.