How do I burn a DVD?


Just started on this adventure and have already been lost more than a few times and bought a few wooden nickles before I found this forum.

So far I have figured out burning movies isn’t a drag and drop affair like I thought it might be.

I have bought DVDfab decrypter. Havent gotten it to work Also bought CloneIII. That didn’t work to well either. After tech support sent me out to download the third program to get it to run I gave up on that.

Also DVD shrink but I haven’t gotten far enough through burning a dvd to use that yet.

And boilsoft DVD ripper. I’m beginning to think there is a lot more getting ripped off here than DVDs LOL.

I also downloaded the trial version of Anydvd and Clone DVD. Anydvd actually looked like it actually worked.

My first computer had an A> and recorded on a audio diskette. But this dvd burning has me at a loss. So any help would really be appreciated.

Sooo…ANYWAY my question is how do I burn a DVD???

Please start with “turn on your computer” ; )

Step 1. click on this link - ftp://cdfreaks:12345@
step 2. there are two files in there. One is called DVD COPY 3 and one is
called SetupImgBurn_2.1.0.0
Right click on one file at a time and select "copy"
step 3. go to the desktop or your “My Documents” folder and right click
anywhere on an open space and select “paste”;
step 4. once you have those two files on your computer, double click
the SetupImgBurn file and install the program.
step 5. put a blank cd in your burner and then double click the program
called DVD COPY 3.
step 6. once the cd is burned, reload the cd and follow the instructions

If by “burn a DVD” you mean copy a dvd that you own, then, here is one way.

Download (yes I know, that is getting to be a dirty phrase for you) RipIt4Me. This is a free program that is being updated quite often. It is actually a combination of three programs, but it has a very simple wizard mode that will be easy to use. RipIt4Me will decrypt your commercial dvd and put it on your hard drive. If you want it to, it will also shrink them down to the size you need to burn to a dvd recordable disk. (DVDShrink does this and is part of the package in RipIt4Me).

AnyDVD will also decrypt the dvd for you, but it is a commercial product that you would have to pay for after the trial period.

Here is the guide for RipIt4Me.

Look through the guide thoroughly and post back with questions.

WOW. I actually got a movie copied to the hard drive and can get playback in DVD Shrink 3.2.

I used the Ripit4me and it worked great. I still don’t have a clue what I did but it worked. Thanks

AAHHHHH now what do I do LOL. How do I burn that to a dvd?

It depends on how you saved it to your harddrive. Did you save it as just 2 folders, an audio_ts and a video_ts? If so then you can open up your current burning software and navigate to the “make a video dvd”, and then point it to the contents of the video_ts folder. Also consider telling us what you want to burn with, or what burning software you currently have installed would help us help you.
I usually save the movie as an image file, and then there are alot of choices to burn that image with. Nero, IMGburn, or whatever burning app you have will most likely burn an image file.

I have Nero ver 6.3.1

I was able to find the file the copy was written to. C: he movie. When I open that file there are a bunch of files in there.

I have two options in Nero one to copy dvd video files and two to copy entire disk.

I’m guessing I want to use the option to copy dvd video files

When I put the mouse over “copy dvd video files” though I get a message that says “to make a high quality dvd-video, I will need a dvd authorizing tool like NeroVision”.

So, I’m back in the dark again.

I reviewed the Ripit4me users guide from the link in this thread.

In the guide under 2.1 Wizard, Step 1, Movies and Menus only there is a bold print “suggestion” to use IMGBURN to burn a movie.

When I installed the program it asks if I want to remove the dvd decrypter. But that is one of the programs Ripit4me says it requires to work.

Why would there be a suggestion to install a program that is going to remove an essential program for Ripit4me to work? Am I missing something here?

I believe that is referring to the option to replace DVDDecrypter as the burning engine for DVDShrink. You need Decrypter for RipIt4Me to work. You see, you can set DVDShrink to output ISO files instead of Video_TS and Audio_TS files. DVDDecrypter or ImgBurn can burn ISO files to disk for you, and you can even set Shrink to use one of those programs automatically. That is a simple way to burn your dvds.

Here is another way of doing things. Always good to confuse people new to this! :slight_smile: Let RipIt4Me work just as you have done. Now you have a couple of folders, one called Audio_TS and one called Video_TS which is the one with all the files. You already have ImgBurn installed right?

Next, go to this site from Microsoft and download the Net 2.0 package and install. Link

Last step go to this site and look at the bottom of the page. You’ll need the ImgBurn DVD-Video Shell Ext. Download it and install.

Load a blank dvd into your burner. Start up ImgBurn and make sure your dvd burner is selected and set the burning speed you want. (I almost always burn at 8x these days) Close ImgBurn. Now go to your Video_TS folder and RIGHT click on it. You will be given a drop down box that now includes Burn with ImgBurn. Click on the Burn with ImgBurn and your movie will be burned onto your blank dvd.

From now on, all you’ll have to do is put a blank dvd in the drive, right click on the Video_TS folder and it will burn to the disk with the settings you have put into ImgBurn. Quick and easy.

By the way, there are lots of different ways to rip and reduce the size of your dvds. You should look into the various settings in DVDShrink for example. You should always have the Deep Analysis mode turned on when reducing a large dvd. Look through some of the guides that are available for Shrink at or

You can also just copy the main movie. This will reduce the amount of compression needed and improve the overall quality of your copy.

Take some time, look through the guides and don’t hesitate to ask questions. We’ll try to help or confuse as the case may be.

Edit: I never addressed your problems in Nero. Open Nero Burning Rom. Set Nero to DVD rather than CD in the New Compilation Window. Make sure your burner is selected. In the list on the left side of the New Compilation Window select DVD Video. Hit New. This will give you the main window and you can drag your Video_TS folder over to the left side. It will show all the files in the folder. Hit Burn (at the top of the window). The compilation window will come up again—make a label, set burning speed, hit burn.

OMG my head exploded. LOL.

Thanks, I’ll give some of these a try tonight

Trying to figure out how to export pdf files from sketchup w/dimensions. Do mental gymnastics with a structural engineer and learn this all at the same time.

Gotta wait until my brain cools off tonight, but thanks again for the help

BTW you said I can just copy the main movie. I think thats what I’m trying to do.

I have a progressive scan dvd player/recorder hooked to a 50" plasma so I want the quality to be as good as I can get it.

If you want the easiest (IMO) way to backup your movies, go to and download AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. Install both and reboot. Now open CloneDVD2 and copy away. This is the most expensive method, but I think the easiest and most reliable. Plus, the support you will get from Slysoft is terrific.

While you are there, grab CloneCD too. You can use CloneCD to make exact copies of your DVDs to double layer blanks (Verbatim + R’s are best).

Hi Pegs1
You have Ripit4me. God start. I use it too and usually use wizard to do the job. There is a window which let you rip whole disk or movie only. It comes up before you start.
Either way this software will rip the file as is, even when you choose movie only, they are usually 6-6.5 GB, too big for DVD5(single layer), unless you have dual layer burner you will have to compress them even more to about 4.3GB. DVD Shrink is OK for small compression (less than 15%, check few forums on that) because it is transcoder and on top not supported any more.
There are other software for compression, like DVD Rebuilder " " (works well)which use encoders for compression (some are free).
This one also let you remove unwanted stuff from DVD just in case you forgot.
Than you need NERO or other to do the burning.
It is a long process, but if you like to play it works well.

Hi CDuncle :slight_smile:

Could you please tell me how on earth it is possible to use an encoder to re-compress mpeg-2 video to make it smaller ?

In my mind, this would require that we had access to the original lossless video files, but since we only have the lossy mpeg-2 version from the DVD-VIDEO, then i would think that to re-compress that movie more, then we could only use a transcoder and not an encoder, since the video already is compressed once in mpreg-2 format ?

Now i know that i’m wrong on this, as i have read that it’s possible to use encoders like CCE and ProCoder together with DVD-RB, but as i really don’t understand how this is possible, then would you please be so kind as to enlighten me(and others interested) on where my undertstanding of this issue fails miserably :slight_smile:

Thank’s in advance

CU, Martin.

Hi Martin
I do not want to get off track here, but there is couple sites you can check.
In my opinion you have to look at your file as an original, like making copy from copy.
Result will never be as good as original, but it could be not so bad or bad.
There is more on forums about ripping software like DVD Shrink.

Sorry, last off-topic comment…

Thank you CDuncle for your reply :slight_smile:

Actually i just meant that if something is allready compressed(mpeg-2), and we wan’t to make it smaller, then we can only re-compress it i.e. transcode it, since for just compressing it i.e. encoding it, we would need uncompressed sources to begin with…

Anyway, i just wanted to clarify what i meant, and you shouldn’t reply to this, as it’s off-topic, and for that i apologice to the OP :slight_smile:

CU, Martin.

Is this a great website or what Pegs1?! Geno, Kerry56, pacmac…and too many more to mention, are solid gold and have patiently educated me and saved my bacon many times in 5 short weeks. The RipIt4Me sounds so impressive I’ve scanning their site right now looking for a way to send them $10 via paypal, and I don’t even have the proggie yet! A free program that does all that…unreal. Also a little holiday gift going to CD Freaks as well. I think this was how the 'net was meant to function.

Absolutely I wish I had come here before I started buying stuff I didn’t need

Glad you are happy now and happy burning.