How do I burn a Double-Sided DVD?

If I have a double-sided (not Dual-Layer) DVD, and I compressed all the files enough (say, with DVD Shrink) to fit on a single DVD5, is it possible to get a fully readable DVD?

If so, what do I need to do to the second side’s files to make them readable when they co-exist with the first side’s files?



Is there something I can do with the “Re-authoring” feature of DVD-Shrink?

It looks like it may have potential, if I can figure out what to do. Can anyone point me to a good re-authoring tutorial? :slight_smile:


FutureProof wrote a guide on doing this with dvdshrink.

Thanks AZImmortal, but FutureProof’s directions on this weren’t as helpful as his other postings.

Basically, FutureProof’s directions were completely understandable only after you already understand how to do it. I blew a few hours until I accidently figured out how to play with what appeared to be two identical DVD Shrink windows, and what was “draggable” between them. Then it was relatively easy.

However, I did find this visual guide site (after I had already figured it out, of course! :p). It’s a very useful site.