How do I burn a CD please..?

hello everyone,

i’m a bit embarrassed about the “basicness” of my questions. it seems that everyone in the world knows how to do this except i.

but if i don’t fess up, i’ll never catch up with everyone! so, here is the full extent of my ignorance, in full daylight, for all of you to be shaking your head in amazement… yes, i really, really am this dense…

if my questions are way too “newbie” for this forum, please forgive and advise where (if you know) i can go for help instead.

i’ve read so much the last few days about cd/dvd copying that all the info collected is just spinning around in my head trying to figure out what to connect with and where to land. i still don’t get all the different “formats” like wave and avi etc. i don’t understand why! why are there so many different formats? what’s the point?

but mostly i can’t figure out why i can’t copy my uncopyrighted language cd?

i tried to use the control c command/keys and it didn’t work. why doesn’t this work?

i tried to use control c command to copy FROM my cd onto my hard drive and THEN use windows media player to copy onto a blank cd, but windows media player didn’t allow me to find/access the files i had just copied onto my hard drive. how do i find them?

any helpful responses appreciated.

any criticisms can’t make me feel worse about this than i already am, but thanks for trying.

thanks to all,

Welcome to the forum, angelz :). You are in the right place; this is the newbie forum and no question is too basic for us. We were all there once.

You need a proper burning application to copy CDs and DVDs. Something like ‘Nero’ is what a lot of people use, and there is a time-limited free trial available from here. It can be used to copy CD and DVD and also burn data and movie files.

There is another free option for making copies only; ‘DoISO’ (click here), but it is a bit more complicated and you might need to download other bits and pieces to make it work.

If all you want to do is copy a cd maybe you should look at thr free version of Deepburner. you can download it here What you want to do is create an .iso of the cd on your HD. After you do that then you can use the program to burn the iso back to a cd. If you have more questions don’t be afraid to ask. There is no such thing as a stupid question when all you want to do is learn.

thank you for your generous advice, imkdd57.

so, you don’t think that the windows media player is good to use ? what IS it good to use for exactly then?

i remember reading about nero and was about to download it and then i got on some board where it seems that everyone advised against it. saying it caused problems on the computer, crashes, major slow down, messed up other applications, was impossible to uninstall, etc…

next i was going to ask you all about your experiences. but maybe i should do a separate post on this…

many thanks!
angel z

No, we can keep it all here in this thread ;).

Windows Media Player is really just OK for what its name describes: playing things like music and video, which is why many on this forum would advise to get an application that’s written specifically for burning if that’s what you want to do.

It is true that there are some reports about Nero 7 having problems, but there are others who say it’s fine. I would have recommended the previous version 6, but it’s not available any more unfortunately.

Sikoone’s suggestion sounds like a good one. You could try the free version and see how you go…

thanks for the link!

so, you too, like imkidd57, don’t seem to think that using my windows media player is good enough. right ?

so, what’s wrong with it or what is it missing? or am i wrong in thinking it’s what it’s supposed to be used for? what IS it good for actually?

also, i went to download the deepburner app but didn’t understand a couple of things so i thought i’d wait until i ask you about it…

  1. they have two versions, one fdesignated “desktop” and one “portable.” i’m assuming that “portable” refers to laptop or such. i didn’t know apps had to be different versions for different machines. why is that? and what are the differences? (i couldn’t find any comparison charts on their website)

and lastly, in which format would you advise me to save the audio files on the cd? i’m going to be playing them on both old and new cd players, both in the car and in my house?

or, do you know of any place where i can see a list of ALL possible formats and descriptions of what each is to be used for? (i did try to find this list on google but gave up after checking out the first 30-40 links. i tried to find it with “audio file formats,” some other term for it better?

many, many, many thanks!

angel z

sorry !

i didn’t see mkidd57’s reply about windows media player before i posted again. i get it now. good to play with but not so good to record with.

i’ll definitely download deepburner, just anted to understand what’s up with the WMP.

angel z

i found a place that offers old versions of nero.

but there’s like 25 editions of v. 6. Nero Ultra Edition,,, etc…

anyone hasve any thoughts on which version is the best/least problematic?

many thanks again !

angel z

I’d get nero if that’s not there get nero however I bet you still need a serial to use it. DoISO is a free good program too. I recomend it to all that just need a burner to burn data and CD’s. It may even be a good DVD burner too with anydvd running in the background as long as it’s a dual layer dvd. Here’s the link.

  1. they have two versions, one fdesignated “desktop” and one “portable.” i’m assuming that “portable” refers to laptop or such. i didn’t know apps had to be different versions for different machines. why is that? and what are the differences? (i couldn’t find any comparison charts on their website)

The portable version is a version that can run from a usb stick because It doesn’t have to be installed. If you travel and you think you might need to burn a cd for whatever reason, that’s the advantage of it. This is the comparison page link. I would start off with Deepburner until you’re comfortable burning cds. Why spend money on a program that may do more than you’ll ever need? Plus because it does so much it may make the learning process take longer because of overload. Learn how to do a basic data cd and music cd then worry about video cds, dvds, photo cds. As far as the old version of Nero you will still need a serial. Some people don’t like newer versions of software because newer is not always better.

When you burn a audio cd the best format to save on your HD is a .wav file. There is no quality loss but you do need at least 700 mb of HD space per cd. You can use Exact Audio Copy to extract wav files from your cds and then burn with Deep Burner. You can do audio cds with WMP but i use EAC because it specializes in audio extraction. If you want it to you can set it up to try compensate for scratches on cds. It’s considered the best at what it does.

Here’s a couple of links where you can find almost any type of software you need free. No, it’s not illegal, it’s just freeware software. Sometimes companies make older versions of software free hoping you’ll buy the newer versions. For example, in the case of Deep Burner there are certain features missing. Sometimes people just write these programs and release them out of the kindness of thier hearts and just request donations like Exact Audio Copy.

Is there anything wrong with the latest/last version of Nero 6 (

I would have recommended that

thank you dr. who, for the nero recommendation and the link to opensource.

any chance you would help me understand what you mean by “…still need a serial to use it” ? what does “serial” refer to?

many thanks,
angel z

thank you sikoone, i understand the “portable” terminology now. i should have figured that out by myself ! thanks.

i see your point about using deepburner. you are right - i JUST want to copy my language cds for st. pete’s sake ! i should keep it simple until i REALLY know what i’m doing and not just following you guys’es directions while cringing, crossing all my fingers and watching the progress with just one eye open !

thanks for all the links too, that’s WONDERFUL !!! the link to exact audio copy too. and now i know in which format to save it on my hdd. just one question - so which format should i then copy it in onto the new cd, so it works on my old/new cd players AND laptop?

many thanks !

angel z

Glad to see you are getting along fine, angelz.

A “serial” in this context refers to a ‘serial number’ or ‘serial key’, and is basically a series of numbers and letters that will ‘unlock’ the limited features of trial software. After you have paid on-line, the ‘serial’ is usually sent to you by email, and you type it into the program. Then it becomes a full version.

never MIND!!! geeezzzz, my denseness must be EXHausting to all of y’all!

i really should have known that one.

thank you for your patience,

angel z

After you get the wav on your HD, the program will convert it into the proper format for burning. Just make sure the songs are in the right order, make sure you finalize or close the cd and to increase compatibility i’ve read read burn at a slower speed. Some older stereos don’t play burned cds. Car stereos are really picky as well too.

you mentioned a language cd, and that it is not copyprotected. how do you know its not? and if its rosetta stone, i believe it is copyprotected.

@Zzyzxroad: Did you not read my statement in your own thread earlier:

Seeing as you yourself have had the benefit of the doubt, kindly do not make assumptions about other members material, and leave the moderating to us.

Thanks for doing it.

it was made by my teacher. she created it and gives it to all her students as well as sells it for profit.

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