How Do I burn a CD of MP3s?

How Do I burn a CD of MP3s?
Do I sellect “Data CD” in Nero?
How do I create a disc of MP3s that will be read in CD players that do play MP3s?


Data cd in nero should do fine

If you want to use the CD as regular audio CD that can be played in any player, select the audio cd in Nero and drag the MP3 files to that window. Keep in mind that it is the length of the songs that will determine the actual number of songs on the CD.

If you want a MP3 cd that plays the mp3 files (only possible in players that support mp3 file format), you select the data cd, as dallshead pointed out. In this case the file size will determine the number of songs on the CD.

Thanks for the help.
I’m trying to put a three CD set onto one disc.
The data disc format will allow me to do this.

What is the recommended bit-rate?
I usually sellect either 192 or 224.
The difference in size is not too much of a difference between the two.
Higher bitrates are proportionatly larger.

Thanks again

Personally I prefer variable bitrate (VBR)and the high quality setting with the LAME encoder, using Exact Audio Copy (much information on this can be found in the various forums here)

I always just use Nero Express and select MP3 disc as the type…works like a charm.