How do I burn a CD at 1x Speed?



I have a “lite-on LTR- 523275” CD burner and I have Nero Express v. 5.5.
I would like to burn CD’s at 1x for my Father, because my father’s Pentium 3 has got the stone age CD-ROM which (I guess) can read only CD’s written at 1x.
I have tried buring CD’s with a higher speed, but this old cd-rom it won’t see them.
I also tried to use cloneCD to clone a music CD’s (bought in the shop) to another cd which can be burned at 1x-52x, clone CD makes me choose the 1x speed. This worked, however, I can only do this when I have a CD bought out there. I can’t send my own picture to my father, because they can only be burned at 4x minimum: cloneCD in that case would not actually copy the cd as 1x, even if you tell him so.
Any help or workaround please? :sad:
I would really like to spare to buy my father a new CD-rom, since his PC is old anyway. :bow:
Thanks, 1xdesperate :frowning:


not sure of the speed thing not familiar with your writer but
suspect its a lot to do with media as well some old drives can only read certain media so would advise trying different media and not to use rewritables at all
The cost of a cd/dvd rom(the latter would be better) is very low now under £20 for a good model in uk personally i would change the rom in your dads pc


Not being rude and as I’m an aging father myself ---- wouldn’t it be better and cheaper to just buy him a new CD - Rom writer even DVD. They almost come free with the Corn Flakes these days ?


the 52327s can’t burn such low speeds.

even my 7 year old nameless cd-rom-drive can read 52x burnt discs…


You are right, HarrySmith,
I would have spared some time by buyinga new CD-rom of new generation :wink:
however, I have some kind of instinct which makes me fight for getting something in the cheapest way :wink: how do you call this kind of people ?:wink:
well well, while I was waiting for some answers, I found CDRwin: I downloaded the demo version and I found out that as a limitation for the demo (how lucky I was with this limitation) I couldonly burn at 1x, no matter what. So as Myke rightefully said, I should have tried with a non re-writable media and I did so.
Guess what, the CD could FINALLY be read in the old PC.
uff! what a project!
I hope this info canbe useful to others reading this thread.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
1xNotANYMOREdesperate :wink:


I guess my burner is predifined to burn at minimum 4x, but as I could see, the software can force it to burn at a lower speed or at least you can read it in the old PC’s, as after all, it’s all I cared about.


i don’t really think it’s cause of slow burn speeds, because, AFAIK, your drive can’t physically burn at such low speed… but oh well, i wouldnt know


i think that cdrwin only lets you burn at 1x without registering, so you could get that.


does not matter - if drive physically can only burn at 4x, then even if cdrwin “thinks” it’s burning at 1x, the burn will still be done at 4x…


what brand discs are you using?


possibly try dvd decrypter? disc juggler?


LOL - You can find them in your specially marked boxes of frosted mini-wheats :smiley:

You stole the words - I was exactly going to recommend this. Get a DVD-ROM drive, they are dirt cheap.

Think long term… I would advise against burning at 1x speed, especially on today’s media…There is more potential for the laser to scatter in surrounding areas and have a higher error rate than burning at higher speed. Trust me you will do yourself and your father a favour by getting him a DVD-ROM. I burn all of my audio CDs at 4 or 8x, I think this is the sweet spot.


…umm - a PIII being ancient ? I don’t think so - my PII is great at burning at 40x (lite-on) - and reading anything I throw at it - and I use the 6yr old DVDROM drive to read/play DVDs no problem.
You configuration is screwy - and unless the CDROM is like a Goldstar from 1994-95, you shouldn’t have any problems reading burnt CDs…though as noted - it may be Media Brand finicky.
What OS ?
Check in SystemProperites for this;

remember all CDs are only READ at 1x - it doesn’t matter the burn speed it was created at necessarily, though I’ll admit in real world, and if burnt at the ultra 52x speed, you may have issues, b/c of amny errors during the burn - and yes there may be other forces at work that muck it up as well


I thought that the definition of 1X was “the speed required to play back music” ?
when copying data from CD to the HD it certainly reads faster than 1X


so …what did I miss ?
OP states --> “I can’t send my own picture to my father, because they can only be burned at 4x minimum: cloneCD in that case would not actually copy the cd as 1x, even if you tell him so.”
I was only mentioning that the CD burn rate doesn’t need to be at any particular X speed – It seems the OP thinks it needs to be burned at 1x to be read at 1x
…unless I misunderstand


I may be wrong but with some older players if a disk is burned at too high a speed the older play will not recognise it and not play it ?


yes, you’re wrong. there is no “setting” which shows what speed the disc was burned at. good quality 52x burn can be read better than bad quality 1x burn - it all comes down to burn quality (jitter, etc)


So I wonder why the “stone age CD-ROM” in post#1 can’t read CD’s written at higher speed ?


bad burn - and/or bad media …
note; no error tests / write strategies (Disk quality) were run before the burning, in this situation.
I wouldn’t go so far as to say ‘your wrong’ - just b/c if there’s one thing you learn when diagnosing PCs over many years is to expect to be surprised with anomalies, or exceptions to the rule, or just ghost in the machine type behaviors :wink:
It seems the OP is able to select 1x in CloneCD when burning “Pressed” (store bought) CDs - which work fine in his dad’d stone age cdrom…just not when burning PhotoCds (or Data CDs). But a PIII box is certainly new enough to deserve atleast a New CDRW IMHO. (check your local cracker-jack boxes folks ;))

…hmmm just noticed in Nero DriveSpeed (v1.60) - that in “Options” under “Speed Settings” - you can use the ADD button to add specific Drive speeds to the already existant speeds…for ex; I originally had 2x, 4x, 6x, 10x, 12x, 20x, 32x, 40x 48x available, and I just added 1x and 5x to the list

this site seems to be having Image/Attachment “upload errors” - so;


If this is true then it’s not worth using it anymore.
Time to buy a new one.