How do I burn a bin file?

I never had this problem before, becaues I would always convert it to an iso file using winISO… but this is a VCD. I tried converting it using WinISO, and it gave me all these funky options that I had no idea what to do.

So I’m wondering if its better to leave that alone and just burn it using the bin/cue files rather than converting.

I have Plextor Premium, and use Plextools to burn my iso files and make my music cd’s… so i dont know what capabilities it has w/ bin/cue files.

What do I do from here?

Use Nero, Alcohol 120%, CDRWin, and plenty more burning tools, as I am sure lots can burn .BIN files, as long as you have the .CUE file. If you don’t have a .CUE file, you can make one.

Oh, and I don’t know why you’d have to convert files to ISO… as they are both pretty much the same.

so I cant use Plextools?

Well, I’ve never used Plextools before, so I don’t know if it has .BIN burning capabilities.
I’ll find out now

Ok, did a quick search and it looks like PlexTools only burns ISO files… From what I found out anyways - I may be wrong.

If you really don’t want to install a new burning utility (which I reccomend you do, since Nero has many more features), you may convert the image file with a program I use called UltraISO. The trial version will convert it for you. Just select the current BIN file and convert to ISO.

so UltraISO is better than WinISO?

btw… thanx 4 the help!!! :smiley:

No probem :slight_smile:

Well, I haven’t used WinISO before, but it wouldn’t hurt to try UltraISO, wouldn’t it? I think it has more features… I only use UltraISO for converting image files and adding files to image files. Example: Before I made a backup of Half-Life the other day, I made an image with CloneCD. I opened the image with UltraISO and made a folder with and put in the full patch to v1.1.1.0 of Half-Life. Then burnt. Now I don’t have to download the patch anymore :D.

oh ok. Does it matter which version of Nero I use? Is it a good thing 2 have the LATEST version? cuz nero releases a new version like almost every week… so i dont know how critical it is to stay UP-TO-DATE.

I’m not gonna install Nero yet cuz im running some torrent files (i missed smallville, and i heard that Lana made out w/ some chick so… yeah… im gettin what i missed :D)
but I will try it. So then the cue file is the same as the .iso file??? then whats the whole point of having 2 files… a bin and cue file!!! if 1 file can do the trick.

Ok, first off… you aren’t missing out on much. It wasn’t even a good kiss. :p.

Second - no, you don’t need the latest version of Nero. I use Nero 5.5 and it works perfectly for me :).

Third - The .BIN file is the cd image. The .CUE file is the information about the image. Telling the program what mode to burn it in, how long the track is, etc. .CUE files are only 1-2kb in size.

oh shnit!!! so the kiss aint good huh… we’ll… after seeing the OC 2day, my hope revived… seeing that skinny chick hold hands with that hot club girl… hmm… i think i’ll get that episode too :smiley:

i’ll give it atry AFTER i finish gettin smallville and Myst 3.

All legally, of course :wink: