How do I burn a BDMV Blu Ray File to Standard DVD?

:flower:Hi There. Newbie here. I have a finished project that was created onto BDMV and Certificate folders. I have already successfully used them to burn Blu Rays. I think they are M2TS files. Can someone please let me know what is the best method to take those same files and make them burnable to standard DVD’s?? I am utilizing TSMUXER and IMGBurn.

Thank you.

Are they small enough already to fit onto the dvds? If so, you can use ImgBurn for this. Just import them in Build mode and output straight to your dvd burner. ImgBurn should recognize them as BD video and burn in UDF 2.5 mode I believe, but you can also set that manually. I have burned a few this way, and always set it manually.

What you are making here are called BD-5 or BD-9 disks, depending on whether you burn to single or double layer disks. It will be Blu Ray structure on a dvd rather than on a blank Blu Ray disk. This will not play on a regular dvd player, and not all Blu Ray players support these disks either.

If your intention is to play on a regular dvd player, you will have to reencode the video to fit dvd standards.

Thanks for the response Kerry. I am trying to burn it as a standard DVD and view it on a stand alone DVD player. I guess therefore I must backtrack and re-encode ( which I am trying to avoid ).


You might be able to use AVStoDVD to convert the main movie to a dvd-video, depending on what codec you used in making the Blu Ray video. If you used H264 or Mpeg2 for the Blu Ray version, you should be able to simply import the M2TS file with the movie into AVStoDVD and produce your dvd. You can also make a simple menu if you like.

I have done this with commercially made BD movies, and converted to dvd-video, but I haven’t tried it with any that were encoded with VC-1, and I’m a little dubious about AVStoDVD’s ability to cope with that type of input.

AVStoDVD will use a very well respected mpeg2 encoder called HCenc.
You can find it here: