How Do I Burn A 8gb DvD

ive been wondering how do i copy a copyrighted dvd and how am i suppose to burn it without using a 8gb dvd disc?

If you have no money :wink: try DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink, both are free. Of course, the file will be compressed and and video quality will suffer unless you copy to 2 DVDs. If you have a couple of bucks, go to Slysoft and buy AnyDVD and CloneDVD2, that’s the fastest and easiest.


sounds like you need a DVD Ripping & Compression program - ie. DVDShrink. DVDShrink will allow you to extract the info (ie. Rip) from a DVD and then compress it so that it will fit on a standard one-sided single-layer DVD (the 4.7GB one). Go to and you can get the latest version of DVDShrink. and BTW - download and read thru the guides first.


Wow Thanks Alot Caretaker Ur The Best!

He’ll need an encryptor to break the copy protection too. Here’s the link for DVD Decrypter:

first, if u try to decrypt a DVD from a frien or a rented DVD, u will be prosecuted, we will track you with you IP and we will send you to jail for the rest of your life.

OK, now, if you think u are “legal”, download DVD decrypter, select file copy, then let decryper do his work.
then download DVD shrink, use reauthor, drag main movie to the left side of the on compression parameter, and chose the language u want keep. then do a save…and follow the instruction.

u can write directly clicking on nero box, or DVD decripter, (both solution will write the DVD after the shrink), or do a ISO image on ur HDD. the reopen dvd decrypter and change to ISO write…put a DVD blank disc, and u are done…

just play around with these 2 softwares, and u will be fine.

hope this help

DVD Shrink has decryption built in, DVD Decrypter isn’t necessary.

What!? Roffle!

At the risk of coming off as an asshole, I’d have to say that this is a bit of a silly question, if you have a search around the forum or the web or look in the DVD Backup section you’ll find the answers to your question and a lot more. I have to say the answers you’ve recieved so far are very incomplete although they might contain what you were looking for.

You’ve correctly identified that there are two issues that need to be dealt with when backing up a DVD, firstly there is CSS which is the encryption used to prevent piracy (which also prevents people from backing up DVDs that they own and are legally entitled to do). There’s a lot of software that can decrypt CSS and it’s evolved to the point where all of them offer pretty much the same performance. DVD Decrypter is a popular solution, it’s freeware and does a fine job. You could pay for AnyDVD which will allow you to copy on the fly without decrypting to hard drive first, but personally I don’t think it’s worth it for just doing backups.

Secondly most DVDs these days are over 4.7GB (4.7GB in marketing terms that is) which means they won’t fit on a single layer DVD. The easist and fastest solution to this is to use a transcoder such as DVD Shrink, however this will offer poor results for high compression compared to decoding and re-encoding the video with an encoder such as CCE or QuEnc. The drawbacks with re-encoding is time and hassle, you may have heard of a program called DVD Rebuilder which makes this much easier, almost as easy as using DVD Shrink.


Your first step in burning is to learn to use the “Search” function IMO-