How do I burn a 4X DVD media at 8X?

I’ve heard it is possible, and works decently without problems on some hardware and with some media. How do I know what media and hardware? And once I do know that, how do I get the software or hardware to allow me to burn faster?

Like in nero it will set it to what the media is listed at being able to burn. So I don’t know.

I have an HP 420i

Since your drive is just a rebadged NEC 2500A you may want to do some searching the NEC forum for your answer.
I would assume you may have to load NEC firmware onto your drive but I would post a question in the NEC forum asking, they would probably be better able to answer your question over there.

Thanks, I found one thread there that had partially some of the info, hoping for a reply on the rest. Or you know, I could do a search :expressionless: