How do I burn a 3 hour movie on a DVD-R?

hello everybody,
this is my first post on my first forum ever!
i recently purchased a SONY DVD-RW drive which came with NERO-7 software.
how do i use NERO to compress a three hour movie to fit into a two hour DVD-R disc? I do have a another DVD-ROM installed on the same desktop in addition to the sony.


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from my knowledge there’s a program called Nero Recode in your Nero suite it’ll shrink your DVD so it fits on 4.7 GB DVD media. If your disc is protected you’ll need a decryption tool more info about this and how to copy a DVD movie can be found at this part of our forum.

You beat me to the punch Kalas :bigsmile:

As mentioned above, Nero includes a program called Recode that can shrink the disc if necessary (it’s an update of the freeware program ‘DVD Shrink’). Rip the DVD data to your hard drive first using a program called RipIt4Me, that would be my advice, it’s free and does a great job with newer copyright protections.

If Recode doesn’t give you the final quality you’re looking for after compressing down to 4.35 GBs, you can also try DVDRebuilder which uses a true encoder and will retain virtually all of the original quality, It does take a few hours to do the project with Rebuilder, but it’s well worth it.

But if any transcoding program can retain most of the video quality of a three hour movie, it’d be Recode, so try that first. :wink:

Just rip your 3 hours movies with DVdShrink in to your Harddrive and then burn it with Nero Burning ROM into your Single Layer disc media.

Only thing with that though is that Shrink alone can’t rip some of the more recent movies by itself.
Probably will need to use RipIt4Me or DVDFabDecrypter to rip to the harddrive first, before you can use DVDShrink, Nero Recode, or DVDRebuilder.

I would definitely go for DVDRebuilder instead of NERO, it gives better quality. And think about Shrink is correct, it is an old software not supported any more. It was one of the best at the time.

i want to thank you all for helping me. i am happy to report that i have successfully ripped and burned using dvdshrink saving private ryan on a two hour DVD-R. it took about three hours but the result is both anamorphic and has 5.1 sound with chapter selection.
thank you once again!!