How do i burn 90 min cd?

i have an old hp writer(8200 series)and it doesn t support the overburning!
i have nero 5.5 and discjuggler but both of them say that there is a 80 min in my cd writer and try the overburning but i have put a 90 min in the cd writer.
how can i do to force nero or discjuggler to recognize the 90 min cdr and start the writing with the overburning(i lost a 90 min cdr everytime i try!!!)

thanks for the answers !!!

If your writer doesn’t support overburning you cannot burn 90 min on a 90 min cd. The trick to burn those cd is to overburn. So get a new writer or stick to 80 mins. Sorry dude :slight_smile:

if it doesn’t support overburning, you can’t write the 99 mins disks

Just a small addition: 90/99 minute discs will always be recognized as 80 minute discs…

According to the official Red Book standard, the maximum playing time
for an audio CD is 74 minutes. This specification has been stretched
by everyone in the industry to support 80-minute audio CDs. However,
anything over 80 minutes clearly violates the specification. Most CD
players and CD recorders will therefore have problems reading or
writing 90-minute discs. The following issues can occur:

  • CD player does not recognize the disc.
  • CD head bounces out of the groove.
  • CD player cannot find tracks after 80 minutes.
  • CD cannot be copied properly.
  • CD cannot be read (90+ minute CDs use a very tight groove).
  • CD created may contain same sector number twice.
  • CD created may contain a sector with a negative number.

Most of these issues will result in an unreadable CD. It is even
possible that trying to record or play a 90+ minute CD could physically
damage the CD player or Writer. We therefore strongly recommend that
you do not use 90-minute media.