How do i blank samsung cdrw?

After a few writes & blanks, i cant blank the cdrw anymore !!

Its a samsung 10X CDRW disc.

I tried Nero, BHA Recorder, Alcohol, BAO…but the disc doest blank…the PC just hangs !

For 3-4 burns it worked perfectly, but now it doesnt seem to erase anymore…

I tried quick erase, full earse…but the application just hangs.

Is there any software…or the disc is dead ??

I have a HP 4X CDRW…i must have like erased it a zillion times…but it still works perfectly.

Only reason i bought samsung cdrw…it was 700 MB.

Samsung media suxx :frowning:

i tried again this mornign & it started working properly !!

i think the disc was a little hot yesterday & so it didnt work …

cdrw’s are affected by heat in some way…

Thanks god, the DVDRW media I worked with behaved well so far.