How do I Binflash



Is there anyone out there who could give me a few tips on how to Binflash.
I,d like to altar my NEC2500 to NEC2510 ,Ive got as far as installing the necflash and using it to -scan,but after that I seem to hit a wall.
When I run the -scan it tells me my device is H drive which is DVD/CD combined,would there be a problem in Binflashing a combo drive.
Second problem-I,ve downloaded the firmware-2F8RPC- to flash onto my 2500 and it is now on my Desktop,will said firmware do the job?AND MORE IMPORTANT how do I get it to flash the 2500 from the Desktop?.
I,m running XP Pro if that helps.
Here,s Hoping!


Ok, probably best you use the GUI version (with my installer), get that here: Then select the drive you want, and start the flash, it will then ask for the bin file you want, select it, flash, and then restart the computer.

Good luck,

Ben :slight_smile: