How do I become a member?



How do i become a member ? Until now i´m still a junior member.




after 100 replys jou are e full Member

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You have 25 postings so you gotta do 75 more.


and make em 75 usefull ones


Put a tattoo of Cd freaks on your chest you probably can become a moderator


yes that’s np, also calling your kids CD Freaks (please send us a copy of the papers you get when you register your kids) is a good one to become member


or maybe get your vanity license plates to read: CD_FREAKS or something.


Make bill clinton say on national TV:
“I love CDFREAKS with all my heart !! They RULE!!”

or make the pope say that



Bill Clinton lies all the time so people would not believe him.

wear your tee-shirt with pride
hint hint.


Or make Bill Clinton say, I placed a blank cd in my plextor but i never got to burn!! LOL

IE: I put a joint in my mouth but i didnt inhale LoL