How do I backup WAV files to my harddrive?

I want to be able to extract WAV files from my music CDs and store them on my harddrive so I can burn a disc later if needed.

How can I do that?

I have both CD Clone and Ahead Nero 5.5, but I can’t seem to figure out how to simply extract each track as a WAV file so I can store it in a folder, and then be able to burn a disc from the folder where my WAV files are being stored.

Am I missing something, or do these software programs just create an image without offering extraction of individual WAV files?

You can download many freeware “rippers” which will get the music off.

Try Exact Audio Copy (EAC) to start off.

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No need for EAC you can do it simply in Nero: Extras/Save Tracks… menu.

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Sorry for posting in the wrong forum…you know how us newbies are. We gotta screw up at least once to prove ourselves as serious newbies.

Thanks for the leads…I’ll work with Nero a bit more, and try Exact Audio Copy if that doesn’t workout. Thanks again for the help…

If you have a new version of Windows media player, it can copy files - as .wma (compressed audio) files. Then you can burn them back - using Nero.

Clone CD will store them in a single file (actually, 3 files, but one of them holds the info) and then you can burn a new CD which is exactly as the original one. If you are not going to change the compilations that you have, just copy and re-record them, I believe this is a better way to do it.

Exact copy works great.
It copies the file just as it is on cd to the folder of my chioce and I can burn a cd from that with Nero.

EAC is (arguably) the best at ripping individual tracks. Pair it with a good LAME encoder with the right settings, and its the best method to rip MP3s too! But if you’re just making compilation CDs, skipping the compression by just ripping to .wav with EAC is definitely the best way to go. EAC supposedly handles audio ripping differently than other programs (including Nero’s method).

Use CloneCD, it’s easiest/quality way to copy AudioCD to HDD. There is also EAC of couse, but EAC it is hard for novice, instead use CloneCD. It’s very easy, only four buttons in CloneCD…

I am almost positive Clone CD cannot rip individual .wav files.