How do I backup video clip collection to CD?

Hi, all.

I have tried to backup 25 video clips from different formats (WMV, MPEG, RM, MOV) to a CD using Windows XP. I create a data disk from the MYVIDEOS folder.
The CD is burned correctly, there are ~300 MB on it and it´s closed. The problem is that when I try to see what’s on the disk, there is only one 25MB clip visible and functional. The rest is blank. I’ve tried twice so far and no success.
Are there any special requirements for backing up video materials?
Pictures, music and applications are backed up OK using the same procedure.
Thks. in advance.

You probably have used Multisession mode. Don’t use it.

Hi try using Nero Express to backup your clips.


Thanks for responding, guys.
I want to rephrase the question because I think it wasn’t right the first time around:

How do I COPY video clips form different formats to a CD-R? I want to be able to play them using any computer. Are there any special requirements?

I’ve used Windows XP and Nero 6 so far. Burned CD’s are full but still no files show up.

Only copying them will not work in every case. Some of them have to be ripped, unprotected, re-encoded/transcoded.

You have to find out that first.