How do I backup and run Securom without autoplay driver installed

Is there any way to backup and run Securom protected games without using blindwrite’s autoplay software? I copied GTA Vice City several times but it will not running without installing the autoplay drivers. I have a Lite-On 48246S burner.

If you drive can handle it, download the blindwrite tweaker and use it to disable autoplay before you burn. Alternatively, you could use an older version of blindwrite (like 4.2.5), which doesn’t have autoplay at all.

I used Blindwrite 4.3 with a BTW file I downloaded from some where. The drive I’m trying to read the backup in is a mainly a Toshiba SD-1712 however, I tired to run it in a 16 Liton DVD reader as well and it still would on;y work if the autoplay driver was installed.

Hi RaMDay,

you may take a look at this tutorial. Although your backup will be tagged for autoplay it’s not needed for running the game, try it on a clean machine. Good luck :).

If my backup isn’t tagged for auto play, does that mean the little menu does’t pop up when I insert the CD into my drive?

Which menu?

Nevermind I got it now. Thanks for all your help.