How Do I Backup A DVD Movie?

I want to backup my DVD movie onto a blank DVD. Simple request, slightly harder to put into practise I have found :sad:

Please advise me what program(s) to use, in what order if more than one is needed. Everyone seems to be able to do it but me :confused:


Using the guides shown here, what exactly is “slightly harder to put into practise

I am getting artifacts (is that the right term?) or small digital glitches across the screen fairly reguarly - is this normal? Does the media you use make a difference? I am currently using Princo DVD-R.
Also FutureProof, which way would you suggest backing up a DVD movie, with compression with DVD Shirnk, or split the movie with ReAuthor?
Your help is very much appreciated too!! :bow:

Forgot to ask - what burning software do you recommend?
I have Nero6, DVD Decrypter, CloneDVD and CopyToDVD…

if you use poor quality media and your dvd player has difficulties reading the disc, it’s possible to get artifacting. Princo is generally considered to be of low quality. if you already have nero, you can use that to burn your dvd files.