How Do I Back-Up My Playstation 2 Games?

How Do I Back-Up My Playstation 2 (PAL) Games? I am not useing mod chip either just that Swap Magic 3.3 and Slide tool. Any recommended software to use aswell. :slight_smile:

dvddecrypter read ISO mode then write ISO mode and thats it

Thanks and does it ignore all of the protection stuff lol

Stevey, I guess you have not had a chance to try out that Swap Magic yet I saw that at a web site looked interesting. Please post you findings when you test it. :slight_smile:


Yes i sure will get it deliverd on monday! better work.

Although i have a modchip (which is always best) i have also tested the slidecard which works ok… Once you have done it once its no problem but i found it did not work on a few games…
maybe i was unlucky as i did not have it for to long but i found it worked on most including GTA san andres but one i could not get it to work on was uefa champions league…
maybe someone can deny\confirm this for you…

Do i need the slide card to work swap magic can i not just press the eject button? As it was only £14.50 for the software or £18 including slide tool but can get that from ebay for like £1

you need both otherwise it will not work,the slide card is so you can open the tray without using eject button. :iagree:

So can i just use the eject button only time will tell i will test it tomorow.

You will get a cd bootdisc and a dvd bootdisc (which cant be backed up) a slide card which you could actually make yourself but thats a different story anyway its just a piece of plastic that lets you open the tray once you have removed the front of the tray (one screw or pull off)…
all you do is insert the said dvd bootdisc and it will tell you insert disc then use the slidecard to open the tray and put in your backup and off you go…
Do a search in google for slidecard instructions and you will get a pdf tutorial of what its all about…

Got slide card etc works great! some of my back-ups dont work properly though (NFS Underground2, San Andres which is NTSC) all burned at 2x! What do you think went wrong everything else works fine? the games load to the menu and after that cant do career! Do i need a fix or something they were burned using DVD decryptor!

From what I recall reading at the their web site it is not always going to work. There will be some that are problems and will be problems.

How does the slide card compare to other backup solutions you might ask? The answer to that question is, that it works as well as every swap modchip on the market, if not better. The slide card biggest advantage, is that it leaves the PlayStation2 console 100% intact. There is no modchip to steal power from the laserlens, so the system is completely “stress” free. No other backup solution on the market can say that.

We are not gonna lie… Bigger modchips like Messiah, Magic and DMS3 performs better in some ways, and you do not have to use a swap disc to get the games started. But these chips installs with more than 20 wires, can be detected by many new games, and is a bit more expensive, and you have to be an expert to install them. They make big modifications to the internal system that is not good in the long run. These chips are very compatible with backups of all kinds, no matter how they are burned, what there toc. sizes are etc.

The alternative modchips like No Solder, NEO 2.2, S-BOX NEOKey, the Flip-Top Cover and the Slide-Card are a little more sensitive on that account. You might experience a game than runs fine on a Messiah or Magic chip, but it simply will not run with the slide card. Bad luck… You may trye burning in some other way - but generally we say that: If a Messiah, Magic & DMS3 chip performs a 100% - a swap solution like No Solder, NEO 2.2, S-BOX NEOKey and Slide-Card performs around 90%. Simply forget the 10% of games you can’t backup and play, and be happy having a backup solution that do not void the Sony warranty, that does not stress your laserlens, that is totally secure and very easy to use.

So do i need a fix for some ea games as underground 2 does not work at all loads to the menu and that is it!

I use a fliptop for my ps2 and sometimes i have to use a second bootdisk for ea
games. go here for more info

i use swap magic for my ps2 slim it works great

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SAN ANDRES works with slidecard as i have tried it on 2 different consols although it was PAL
But as said before it does not work with all games…

hdloader from a memory card (or retail disc, I use both) work pretty well, too. Especially with the latest …6d patch from zero-x.

does anyone reccomend the use extream software?

If you got a good burner (at least i got the Lite-ON SOWH DVD writer) then you can easily backup your ps2 games with nero. All i have to do is insert the ps2 original dvd en the empty dvd and it works. I think it depends on your dvd writer…

Yup, that’s true but with the swap method doesn’t that ruin your ps2? I rather like my modded…