How do I apply FW1.06 to an external 760A via firewire?



How do I apply FW1.06 to an external 760A via firewire?
I have three ADS 1394 boxes daisy chained and all plugged into one 1394 port on my laptop. The first box has a 120GB Drive, the second a CD-RW and the third a 760A.

Do I just run the FW1.06 executable in windows and will it find my 760A without corrupting the firmware of the other two drives on the chain? :confused:

Has anyone tried to update their 760A firmware through a firewire to a ADS box. Most people here update these drives internally in a desktop. Since I have a laptop this isn’t possible.

The only other FW updates I’ve ever done requires the update to be applied from a floppy while in DOS. Is this necessary for the 760A?

I am afraid if I run the FW through the firewire that it might try to update the
wrong drive on othe daisy chain.

Anyone know the proper method to upgrade this way? Can I run the update while in Windows? Will it find my 76OA via the firewire. :a

Many thanks for your help. :bow:


Run the utility. If you have only the one 760, it will update just that drive. The utility looks for the device ID string, so a non Plextor drive or other device will not be affected.


I thought the 1.04 firmware that’s on drive can’t detect through a firewire in windows - So must I apply the firmware from a floppy in DOS?


Haven’t heard of that. The same exe works for the SATA, so should work for USB or FW. Best bet is to run it. It will either detect the drive or not. Suggest run the drive directly from the port, not on a daisy chain…could affect the utility.