How do i add sound to my movie?

Hi guy’s i have a problem and i am just begining to learn how to rip and burn dvd movies so please forgive my ignorance.

I have a nec dvd±RW ND 3530A. That i have just purchased not too long ago
(when i built this computer…lol) I also have Alcohol 120%, Clone dvd, avicodec,srt2sup, and vso divxtodvd and copytodvd, and also have just installed Diko since i seen that it had been recommended here.
( I know this is alot more than what i need…lol…but i am only going to keep the best on)

I have converted an avi to dvd using vsotodvd, my problem is that i don’t know how to convert the subtitles and it also seems like there is no audio in the converted movie (i have yet to burn due to this) can you guys please tell me what i’, doing wrong or what else i need to do?

I really appreciate this guy’s thanks in advance for all your help.

Guy’s just an update, i ended up recording it to dvd and it plays sound on my movie so i am happy there. One problem is that i still cannot set it up to ad subtitles to movie and menus. thanks guy’s

Yeah, “your movie”. Next time you’ll say this also about the subtitles, I’m sure about it.

You better should start using originals. :cop: