How do I add my MP4 movies to my Dish External USB Drive?



My question is the reverse of most. I have a Dish 622 with the USB port active. I want to rip my DVD’s and store them on that external drive as a Video on Demand (keeps kids from losing / scratching disks). The guy at Dish tech didn’t want to talk about it other than to say:

  1. The ripped movies had to be MP4 format
  2. I needed a Linux file interpreter like Ext2Vol to view the drive once formatted by the receiver
  3. The final steps were somewhere on internet.

Well, no such luck, so far. Does ANYONE know how to get the movies to be seen on the external USB Drive? I have several ripped and on the drive but the receiver doesn’t see them. This has to be some index file or something I am not doing right. HELP! :bow:


Welcome to CDF’s:

I don’t know but interesting as i have USB unlocked on my 622. I’ve never been able to see what file extension the recordings are on my USB drive after transferring them to it.


On the drive itsself, when dish stored the files on the drive its breaks them down as follows:

Folder: DishArc
Subfolder: (some random numbers)
tsp (the video its self based on the size of the file)

From researchning around, these are CSS encrypted files. There must be a way to do this. It can be rocket science!!:slight_smile: