How do i add more data?



hi there,

I have got the latest version of Clonecd 4.0.1 or something like that....Anyway I made a copy of a cd (DIRECT) and unchecked the option "Close Session at end".. However i know want to add more data to this it has about 250mb free.... How do i add more data to this cd using clonecd.....

Btw the file os on my Hard-drive and i wish to transfer it from Hd to the Cd...




I don’t think that this is possible, because if the session of your original CD, you already have copied, was closed, the copy session will be closed also, no matter which settings you use in CloneCD.
This setting “Always close last session” only means, that the CD will be closed, no matter if the original CD was open or not.

Besides that, you would have to create a multisession disc, and CloneCD only writes RAW modes from image files.
And each image file contains its own file system, so you cannot simply record one image after another (ok, you can, but try to read all the contents without extra tools ;-)), but you have to import the previous track (or better: its file system).

But to make a long story short, you can try Cdrwin.
If your CD, you wanna copy isn’t specially protected (Subchannels, crazy TOC, bad Sectors, etc.) you can write your images as a regular multisession CD.


Yup. If the CD-R is written in Disc-At-Once Mode, the Table of Contents is written at the start since the contents are known before hand. Anyway you look at it, it’s a multisession which may prevent the game being played