How do i add copy protection?

I have made some pdf files that I know a specific audience of people would find useful. I want to sell them to people, but i know that once i sell it to someone, they will make copies themselves and sell it to other ppl at a cheaper price or just give them a copy. I want to know how can i add copy protection to it?

All that there will be in the CD is just alot of pdf files. I AM the author of the work and its not piracy.

Anyone know how i can add copy protection so that people DON’T make copies of the stuff?

Check out these programs some of them might be able to do the job:

the first link is a german one AND it just redirects me to a german cd/dvd blanks website store… so i dont know what the first link is supposed to be

the second link looks german too, and it only has a bar on top… so it looks real incomplete.

on the third link it says “Sorry, webpage not found”

and the 4th link looks like its the ONLY english one AND working one. by the looks of it it looks like its only for .exe files…

i was wondering if i could put copy protection to the files that will be on the cd… they’ll ONLY be pdf files.

Yep you are right. Links are quite old thats for sure.

Just do a google search for these programs, not sure which one if any will do the job for you, you ll have to check them out.

I really don’t know how you could prevent someone from copying your pdf’s. You can protect the PDF within Acrobat from having people cut and paste your text. Maybe you can even password protect them. You can even password protect the files on the CD. But if someone really wants to steal your text they sure will. Even if you could prevent the PDF’s from being distributed, anyone could either copy down the text right off the screen, they could take a screenshot, and possibly OCR that, or just use the images, or even print it and OCR the printed pages. If someone sees it they can copy it. Period.

Heck, it’s even possible people might read it, remember it, improve on it in their minds and write their own PDFs which will be based on your writings in their essence but will be improved and expanded. Who knows, maybe your own writings are based on someone else’s–maybe you don’t even remember where these ideas got into your mind. But that’s how civilization advances. People put ideas out there and others take them to the next level. If you don’t want to risk someone “stealing” your ideas, just keep them to yourself. :frowning:

Just think how much of what you see and read out there is so similar with variations on the same themes? Movies, books, music, art, software…