How do I add CD Text to audio CD's I make - Don't know what I'm doing :(



Hello everyone
I am using Nero 6 Ultra Edition with an LG 4163B writer… I don’t know how to add the artist/song title information to the CD’s I burn… All I get is Track 1, 2, 3, blah blah blah… I know its in front of me but I don’t know where :frowning:

Thanks a bunch



When you’re adding the audio files, for example in nero express, just click on the file,
and then right click under option properties, but you’ll see the option properties on
the right side, too!


I do and I see the name of the artist and name of the song… but it never ends up on the CD


Maybe it does and your media player cannot display it.
Not all CD Players can read CD-Text from a disc. Most can query an online database and display the text but few can actually read it from the disc.


The specs on the cd writer says it can read and write CD text…


make sure cd-text is enable in nero when burning and try jetaudio for playback to see cdtext or winamp. goodluck



CD text is enabled in Nero and I played it back using Winamp… still shows unknown artist, track 1… :frowning:


You are missing the point.

When I burn audio CDs they are all burned with CD-Text. However, Windows Media Player and most other PC media players cannot read the CD-Text from the disc.
Some PC media players are able to read the text from the disc and display it, however, most PC media players cannot.

As suggested, you MUST use a PC media player that is capable of reading CD-Text. Windows Media Player and most others do not.

Try Plextor’s CD Text Player


Nero Media Player does…