How do i add a 2nd hardrive?

ive been wondering be 4 i attemp this, how do i add a second hard drive, how do i configure the jumper settings. i have 3 cd drives :rolleyes:

What motherboard do you have?
Do you need to use all your optical drives?

i use a soyo dragon lite(dont think thats specific enuff) =( and wat are optical drives lol

…I think you really shouldn’t try to do what you want by yourself.
You should ask someone to do that for you, or take it to the store so they can add that second drive.

hmmmz ill try it myself lol but i dont think i have any wires for my 2nd hard drive cuz i used it on 3 cd drives

If you really want to try it, take precautions against static electricity, and decide which cd drives (2) you want to let inside the computer (you have to take one out).

ack ive changed my mind, ill stick with 1 hard drive thx for ur help anyways

Need one Sata Data Cable $4 and one power cable it should be another one istalled on there if not $6.00 look in MotherBoard for Sata 2 = Sata 1 in Bios.
Look at where the main one goes too. Turn Power Off at wall and Press Computer Power Button for 15 Second to drain Electricity then you can insert Data and Power cable if you are scared please donot do it take it to the shop.

Configuring non bootable internal hardrive in Windows XP this is your 2nd Hardrive now Go into Bios press F2 after pressing the computer power on button then in BIOS go down to DRIVES click Enter go to Sata 1 and click enter and make it ON.
Then go to Sata Operations click enter and green comes ON use arrow on keyboard and make it RAID AUTODETECT / AHCI click Enter and then click ESC
on Keyboard to escape then go to Exit press Enter to go into Windows XP now turn off then ON to see if hardisk is notable in BIOS press F2
Now go into Windows when you have done that. Press Start - My Computer
and look into Hardisk Drives you should see the first one on the Right Drive ©. and then the Non Bootable 2nd one but if not Right click My Computer go to Manage click it and go down to Disk Management click you will see your main Disk (0) which is your Local Disk ©. next one below is Disk 1 if it does not state Healthy Right click on the Black strip and click Format. Leave the Volume at New Volume and File System NTFS and Allocation Unit Size at Default put a Tick in Perform A Quick Format and choose a Drive Letter but not ©. Then go back to computer Management to see if the Black Strip has turned blue just like Drive Disk 0 which is © if it has it will state Healthy only not Healthy (System). Go Back into Bios to see if Sata 1 has the Serial No. and G/B’s stated on your new Hardrive write it down before you do all this and go back into Bios before you Format to see if computer Bios picks up new Hardrive. Make sure you Format the whole Disk which uses only MBytes, Good Luck.

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You do not need to delete to many thing on the the Registry Cleaners, Be aware I’ve been using them for 3 years and owned a computer for 7 years and some IT and computer courses, So what if they are in their only time you need to run the whole repair is when your computer cannot get into Windows without continully using the Enter key this means you had downloaded some terrible program off the internet to try to replace or crack a Program.
You should only repair Put a Tick in what shows on the Cleaner the Icons which you have deleted on your Desktop which you don’t want the future Computer repair man to see, because those Icons are still in the computer and you have to delete them in the Registry Cleaner for security purposes.
Beware of Registry mechanic because it had wrecked my computer where I could not install some programs from the Cd, they were alright just last week 15 Feb 2007 but their updates are now Failling and never compress the Registry I damaged mine with Advance Uninstaller Pro and could not retrieve Pictures or Vids unless you had them Encrypted in a seperate Vault with the Cryptainer Program then you can retrieve your Home made Video’s and Family Pictures, look out for me in the Future and good luck.

If you have second spot and unused one in your IDE Controller or in your SATA connection @ M/B, then you can have second hard drive installed there.

:smiley: Firstly look up and learn about :a Spylocked spyware on Google :slight_smile: Then scan with free Spyware program Spybot and or Ad-Aware SE program then download Spyhunter or another appropriate Spyware/Malware program if your double Anti-virus/Spyware program does not work due to the effects of Spylocked malware virus. Now that you have deleted most of the Spylocked files and try looking at them manually. Ring up Microsoft and they will give you one free Tech Help and they will email you a MTS.zi file to zip open to see where this Spylocked is hiding because they hide everywhere and differently in every computer. After you have ran this mts.zi file Microsofts technicians will tell you to drag and drop the finished accessment file which is called listing.csv and will tell you which To: and Cc. email address to email it too there finding will take 24 hours or more and do not be alarmed the Spylocked icon flashing on the bottom Tray bar is just a annoyance click on it once to learn what Spyware program it wants to sell you but DONOT BUY IT its a scam and the internal support email will not work so it is a scam, all the best.


@HITECHNO: What does spylocked malware have to do with adding a harddrive? :confused: