How Do I Activate My Subscription Codes?

I just paid for my anydvd and clonedvd ( after instaling and using the trial versen for a week) it installed the 2 extra icons on my desk top. Now how do I use these( or merge these with their programs) and activate them? Also I saw where it said to write down your codes. Where is this information? I am a real Newbee to this and I guess have been spolied by self extraction and installing programs and just wish to be sure I do this right and get my money’s worth.
Thanks folks

your registration keys should have been emailed to you as a link and an attachment, and should have been avialable for download upon completing your order.

you simply download them to your computer and then double click them. it will ask something about merging the key with the registry (or something similar) and you hit “OK” and your programs should be unlocked (They will nolonger report as being in their trial period)

make sure you back up your keys somewhere safe (both on your hard drive and on a floppy disk or cd-rom for safe keeping outside of your computer) because it’s a pain in the ass for slysoft to issue new keys after a botched update or a hard drive failure.

One thing reasonsnotrules forgot to mention. Activate (double-click on) the keys for AnyDVD and CloneDVD separately, not both in the same session. My original email instructions (dated 2003) from Elby and Slysoft said to activate CloneDVD first, and AnyDVD second.

YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST REBOOT AFTER EACH KEY ACTIVATION. To be clearer, DON’T activate CloneDVD and then activate AnyDVD and then reboot only once. Do it in two separate activation sessions. This is to avoid a problem that some people experience with some systems.

This is not necessary. The only really important thing: The demos must be installed, otherwise the extensions .AnyDVD or .CloneDVD are not recognised by the system.

Ok, thought I remembered problems some others posted about and that was the resolution.

Once again thanks to all the good folks on this forum! I will check my e-mail tonight when I get off work. Should I delete the two extra icons that were installed on my desk top from the links on the purchase page?
Thanks again
Not the main two icons from the original demo downloads.

i have no idea what the “extra icons” are.

what are they called? did you download them upon checkout? are they your registration keys?

Yes I downloaded them at check out. I thought they were my reg. the instructions were to start programs to install so I went in and hit open on each of the programs but it did not do anything also there was no reg.# to copy.

:confused: Did I mess up by hitting the 2 links on the purchase page?
Thanks Again

you should have received an email like this from Slysoft after purchase was made (see post #6);

Note that you should have the trial versions downloaded and installed first. The email has attachments for the registration keys and also links to download your keys in case your email program strips the attachments.

Thanks folks. I have done all the above it’s just the 2 key file icons are still on the desktop?

slysoft delivers your keys in a number of manners. the redundancy makes for fewer likely mistakes or lost keys.

you should store those keys both in a safe place on the hard drive and make a physical backup onto a cd or floppy disk as well for safekeeping in case you need them in the future. it’s safe to remove them from your desktop once you’ve appropriately backed them up.