How do I activate AnyDVD and CloneDVD2?

I just got my registry keys for AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 via email. The instructions say to double click the keys. These are not executable. They are for the registry. Before I go changing my registry I need clearer instructions. Please help. I am a newbie and feel uncomfortable messing with the registry.

if the file they sent you has a .reg file extension it then just double click it.It will give you a window that says"are you sure you want to make changes to the registry"(or something like that) and click yes.Next it will say they were applied to the registry successfully,click ok.Restart your PC.If the file extension is different from .reg let us know what it is.

Send me a copy of the file to look over and I will tell you if it’s ok to put into your Registry

lol just kidding :iagree: :iagree:

Never send that to anyone it’s yours to keep and also make sure you keep the e-mail they sent to you as a reference just incase something goes wrong in the future!!!

Basically run the the steps that Nosmartz stated and you will be fine. It’s a safe file to put into your registry

1.uninstall AnyDVD and do not keep any information
2.install AnyDVD then click start→SlySoft→AnyDVD→Register AnyDVD(point to Key.AnyDVD)
if fail you may rename Key.AnyDVD to AnyDVD.reg
hope can help you

backup that reg file (preferably in more than 1 place) as they won’t replace lost reg keys under any circumstances (or so i’ve read).

Yeah, they say this so people at least try not to loose them…
(If you ask nicely, they probably do replace it… :slight_smile: )