How Do I A Game Larger Than 8.5GB's?

How Do I Burn A Game Larger Than 8.5GB’s?I am backing up my own PC games but some are over 10GB’s.I want to burn them to a DVD Dual Layer but they only hold 8.5GB’s.Some of the games I want to copy that are over 8.5GB’s are BFBC2,MW2 and Lost Planet.How do I back these large games up.I cannot use a blue-ray disc can I?What do I do?:sad:

Since the games hulkhogan are referring to are protected by Steam DRM, rather than copy protection on the disks, he is hereby cleared of earlier suspicions of piracy. If anyone has an answer for him, please feel free to respond.

There is commercial disc burning software that allows for something called “disc spanning”

So one group of files or an ENORMOUS file can be transfered to multiple discs.

I’m trying to remember one I used a sample of (30 day trial)
but I just can’t remember the the name…

It was available on Cnet downloads but I’m not sure they have a 30day trial anymore it might only be 10-14 days.

Look around there…


My world of warcraft folder is 22.5G’s. Inside the game folder are a bunch of smaller files and folders. The biggest
file is 3.72G’s. Most games are setup that way. All you have to do is make a record of the folder structure of the
game you want to copy and then split up the files onto different discs and reassemble the folders on the new computer. I used to do this when I needed to repair the grand-kids games.
Even though the World of Warcraft folder is 22.5G’s, I could easily back up the entire game onto several discs and
install it on a different computer.

Are those digital downloads or retail DVDs ?
Either way the installation files/media of mentioned titles aren’t bigger than 8.5GB - except Modern Warefare 2 iirc.
But Steam has a built-in backup feature anyway. Just right click your game in the Steam Games menu and select “backup games files”.

The retail version of BFBC2 is protected by SecuROM.

Yes, I’m aware that the retail version had SecuROM, and the Steam version initially had it as well, but I found this statement:

[I]The Steam edition was initially released with both Steam DRM and SecuROM protection, but since 2010-03-15 (approx) the SecuROM layer has been removed.[/I]

We’re giving the benefit of a doubt here on which version he has.