How do enter register codes for these plug-ins?

I need to know how to enter the registration codes for the following:

DVD-Video MultiChannel Plug-In
mp3PRO Plug-In
Blu-Ray/HD DVD Playback Plug-In

I don’t see anywhere to enter the codes…please assist me.


When you purchased them they don’t gave you instructions on how to register?

Unfortunately, I just made note of the numbers, not the directions…just had to reformat, due to a virus, so I lost a lot of what I had. :frowning:

Try to send a mail to technical support on website; they should send you again all instructions

When you install the plug-in there is a process that would ask you for your license number and how to inter it.

Thank you SO much TCAS! :slight_smile:

You are selcome DreamerGamer; I hope you have overcome the problem by now. Please let us know how things work out for you with Nero, people in this forum would be glad to help if they can. Good Luck.

What means TCAS!?

TCAS is the user that posted above you and answerwed DreamerGamers question. :iagree:

Thank you. I didn’t know my response was questionable. TCAS is the one who told me how to enter the code. :slight_smile:


Goto nero smartstart and click on the fire icon in the bottom right hand corner of the window. You enter additional serials in there.

That is some times does not work OK plus you can not enter the plug-Ins in this way would not be accpted.

Yeah, the mp3pro plugin is still in demo mode when i enter a serial for it. I don’t know how to activate that one.
If anyone does, share the info here.

Most likely the serial number you are entering for mp3pro is not valid serial number, Uninstall the mp3pro plug-In reboot your computer then install the plug-In again and enter the serial number rebbot again may be that works.

Well i got it working by using the nero clean tool and a complete uninstall and reinstall. I also remembered i had changed my mp3pro.dll file because the last few versions of nero cause my audio cd’s to skip. Only versions of mp3pro.dll with a number of or less seem to make good audio cd’s. This file was from a nero 6.x version so that was why the serial wasn’t working for it.

I was also expecting i would get to make mp3 pro files with bitrates higher than 96kbps but that is the best option it gives. Are there any other mp3 pro plugins with higher bitrates floating around?