How do crossflash BENQ DQ60 <-> PLEXTOR PX-750A?

We now that plextor 750, benq dq60 use TEAC DV-W516E oem.

Possible crossflash BENQ DQ60 <-> PLEXTOR PX-750A ??
how do by pass firmware checksum :stuck_out_tongue:



PLEXTOR PX-750A firmware

If they are the same couldnt you just force flask it with the 750CVT File in BQflasher?

I just successfully crossflashed one of my BenQ DQ60 (Staples I/O Magic) to Plextor 750A 102 Firmware.

The procedure is simple, unzip the Plextor 102 firmware (it’s a self-extract EXE). Then edit the PlexFirm.ini line #3, from
Inquiry=PLEXTOR DVDR PX-750A; to
Inquiry=ATAPI DVD DC 8X16X8X;
Then execute PXFirm_B3.exe. Viola!

I don’t know how to flsh it back to GREC, or MREC, or to a TEAC firmware. GREC firmware has been working great for me. The Plextor firmware may not be better.

I desperately need to update the firmware of my DVD drive because it
is a dual-layer burner, but can’t burn dual layer discs. It is an I/O
Magic IDVD16DL burner that is actually a BENQ-DQ60 with firmware
version GREC. I bought it at Staples on President’s Day. However, the
drive is identified as ATAPI DVD DC 8X16X8X.

I tried to crossflash it with the Plextor PX-750A 1.02 updater and I changed the name in the .ini file to ATAPI
DVD DC 8X16X8X but it still said “No drive found.”

I tried to use WinDWFlash and the Plextor PX-750A 102.cvt file. It says:
Linear Check Sum = AFEA
Rotated Check Sum = 2184
Check Sum match !!
Start Flashing…
Don’t turn off the power!!
======== FAIL 1========
Flashing failed! Please try again or contact a retailer in your area.

I tried to use BQFlasher 0.7.2 and the MREC BenQ firmware. It said:
Can’t load firmware into memory.
I tried BQFlasher again with the PX-750A 102.cvt file and it said the
same thing: Can’t load firmware into memory.

I tried to use the BENQ/PHILIPS CVT firmware flasher posted at and the Plextor
PX-750A 102.cvt file. However, when I tried to flash the firmware, it

Do you have any ideas? Are there any other firmware flashers that may
work? Please help!



Is it better to crossflash my Plextor px-750a to a BEN Q 1640?

Linbay’s hack works people - see clarifications on this post:

linbay, could you please tell me how to edit the .exe file that you downloaded?