How do clone and dvdshrink shrink?



In other words, is it converting the original files to a different format? if so what format is it? MPEG-1 or 2?


It is standard DVD format still, MPEG-2 I believe, just adjusts the quality so it will fit everything in. DVD players only use 1 format though.


i am having a problem trying to back up my dvd’s. i am using dvd shrink do edit and encode. but when i open nero to make back up it will only allow me to burn at 2x speed, but it fails and i am not sure why it is failing. i used the cd-dvd speed test through nero and it says that my dual dvdrw burner is running at 2x speed. can some one please help i have tried everything i can think of but i am lost. thank you for any comments you have.