How do burn a .vob?

hi people.please could someone help! getting frustrated burning films from avi with my nero 6. takes upwards of 20(!)hours while nero “transcodes” my files prior to burning. have converted them to .vob using winavi in the hope that this would save nero time but now cannot get nero to burn it. what should i do? are there other programs which will help?

If you already have vob files (and ifo and bup files also), you need to select the right type of compilation in nero.

thanx, but when i select that option and browse, nero doesnt recognise the folderas a compatible file. only shows the avi files.

Are you using nero or nerovision? My picture is taken from nero NOT nerovision.


If you already have vob files, you should use nero selecting “DVD-video”. Simply put all vob, ifo and bup files on “VIDEO_TS” folder

dont have ifo or bup files. just 3 vob files in VIDEO TS folder. have i missed something important?!?


Vob files contain the real movie, but ifo and bup files contain informations to read vob files. If you don’t have these files, how can you have vob only? Usually avi to dvd conversion softwares produces both vob and ifo files

It’s possible that you’re conversion in WinAvi failed to complete as it certainly should produce a full set of files.

thankyou. ill convert the avi file again an see if that is the problem.can u recommend any other conversion programs?
thanx for taking the time to help :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

For what I know, one of the best methods is a two step conversion.

First you should convert avi in mpeg with TMPGEnc, and then use TMPGEnc DVD Author to convert mpeg in vob. Too bad both these are not free :frowning:

Also DVD Santa should allow you to do this conversion.

Personally I use DVD2SVCD but it appears to be complicated , but isn’t as mostly the defaults are fine. Use the D2SRoBa front end if you go this route.

Others recommend NeroVision although I’ve never used it, then again others recommend WinAvi.


You’re right: this is a very good and free alternative to my method

:doh: :doh: :doh:

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was looking for how to convert AVI to VOB files for weeks! noone could give me a straight answer!!! :slight_smile: :bow:

DVD2SVCD comes with a free encoder which I guess is OK. The best option is Cinema Craft Encoder (version 2.50 suits this bundle best) but it’s very expensive or …