How did you get your BenQ to work with SATA?

Hi, just wondering what solutions people have used to get their older BenQ PATA drives to work on the newer motherboards that support SATA. I’ve got a 1620 and 1640 that I would like to migrate. Can anyone recommend a good PCI card to do this or some other solution? Thanks! :bow: :bow: :bow:


as there are still mainboards available, that have native IDE ports (no additional PCI IDE controller soldered on the mainboard), it is your choice. So you can avoid any trouble with IDE cards (you may have a look into the general hardware subforum, there is a sticky thread about this).

If you don’t have a problem with decreasing the max speed of your drive to 12x, then you could install it into an external enclosure. The 1640 can be crossflashed to external 164B, so there won’t be even a loss in performance.


I have not yet got my 1655 to work with a SATA bridge board.

I have tried

Abit SATA > IDE adaptor, BIOS reports no drive connected
Silicone Image SATA > IDE adaptor, BIOS reports drive correctly but windows hangs at IDE controllers.

I have now put my new Liteon drive on the SI bridge board and used the Abit board on my 2nd HDD. The BenQ is still attached to my sole IDE channel as I cant get it to work any other way.

It wont work if the SATA port only wants raid type Hard drives. I tried my 111 with a Syba IDE to SATA adapter and it worked great but the port could run non raid mode and single drives. Tried my 1620 on my new board but it had only the Raid ports left open, no option to autodetect a optical, it saw the drive but wouldn’t work at all. Didn’t try it on the non raid capable port as all my Hd’s were on it.