How did this happen?

I have a NEC 3520A with 1.U6 firmware. Before today I have been able to decrypt at about 6X max. Ive tried a few DVDs and nothing ever got over that… I downloaded and ran Nero DVD Speed… wasnt sure what I was really looking at as far as benchmarks go. So I start to decrypt this DVD and right off it starts at 6.4X… then climbed to 16.1X and at the end kinda bounced back and fourth between 15.7X and 16.1X. I decrypted this movie in 5:02. Does Nero DVD speed do anything to make the drive faster? Just not sure how all of a sudden this drive was able to do this.

Nero CD/DVD speed is not decrypting it is doing a data transfer rate test. what decrypting program are you uing?

ok I must have written that in a confusing way… I use DVD Decrypter to Decrypt… ive used it many times and only decrypted at 6X max… One day I decided to play around with Nero DVD Speed and ran the benchmark… closed it out and didnt use it again. About 3 days later I go to use DVD Decrypter again and now I am all of a sudden able to decrypt up to 16X speeds. Maybe I just got lucky with this movie?

I figured it out… and this is really strange. I just tried another DVD… it started out at 2.2X and barely got any faster… The drive never spun up like its getting some speed… so I restarted the computer… inserted the dvd when windows was booting up… I hear it spin up high and I go directly into DVD decrypter… It started the same DVD ripping at 6.2X instead of the 2.2X… and it keeps climbing up to 16X… how can I get it to spin up like this without having to restart each time… this is an odd problem… but ive done it twice so I know how to duplicate it now. But I dont want to restart every time.

What you describe is the basically the fastest rip, or transfer, possible.
My guess is that you simply have used a clean pressed DVD-Video, SL, with no region code, and possiblly no encryption.

Ive done it on Two DVDs… one is an actual copy and the other is an orginal. I can make it do it each time just by restarting and inserting the DVD when I see the windows XP logo appear… it spins up loud and then just launch DVD decrypter while its doing this and start the rip… someone else has to try this and see if they get simliar results… im ripping movies now in like 5-6 min.

Are you getting this result with protected DL DVD media?

Are you ripping about 8GB from original DVD-Video?
You talk about copy, is this DL media?

Its with single layer protected and un protected… about 4.5 gigs in size. This usually takes me much longer when it starts out slow at 2.2X… someone else has to try this… if I could force it to spin up like this I could get 5min rips on SL media every time it seems. The drive is loud when its ripping fast… and quiet when its ripping slow… I used the NON Quiet version of the 1.U6 firmware… not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Figured something out… if I insert a DVD into the drive and wait a while it will spin up high on its own… then launch DVD Decrypter and it rips fast… now if i insert the DVD and launch dvd decrypter before it spins up high… it never seems to spin up high and only rips at about 6X max. Odd… dunno if anyone else has this problem but ive ripped like 8 DVDs tonight playing with it and it works every time… I thought this burner is supposed to be slow at ripping but this thing flys. I cant imagine the Aopen 1648/AAP being much faster.

The NEC ND-3500 is fast ripper of clean SL media, can start at ~6.5X and go up even sometimes to 16X.
You have the same, nothing unusual. Please read more posts, the slow ripping is refereed to DL, and to badly scratched discs.
Now my guess is that if you start DVD Decrypter while the disc in in spin up stage, DVD Decrypter gets some errors and not-ready condition from the drive and slows down.

Again, if you get rip starting at ~6.5X and going to 16X, sorry to burst your bubble, it is normal. Please tell us if you go FASTER than this normal speed, not that you go SLOWER on error situations.

This might be normal… but until I figured out how to make it do this it wasnt for me. Guess it doesnt really matter becuae my Aopen 1648/AAP came in today. Id rather save the usage of my burner and just rip with the Aopen drive.