How could this be? +RW is more compatible than DVD-ROM

My Mintek and Terapin dvd player had always recognized and played all +RW discs. Today is my first attempt to bitsetting the +RW to DVD-ROM WITH MY BenQ 1620 B7P9. The discs used were all virgin disc. Burn was completed successfully, and is listed as DVD-ROM booktype by DVDInfo, and plays fine on the PC. But to my horror, it doesn’t play in neither of my dvd players, and reported as Unknown Disc. I thought it was just a fluke. To validate that, I reboot and reburn twice with 2 more virgin discs to no avail. So frustrated, I reburned again on another virgin +RW disc as an +RW disc, and just as I expected, it plays fine.

How strange that I have better compatibility with +RW than +RW bitsetting to DVD-ROM. Has anyone run into this issue?

I did a full re-format via Nero 6, and still can’t re-bitset the bitset DVD-ROM discs back to +RW. My understanding is that once you burned a +RW disc, you can’t no longer bitset it to anything else. Please advise of any workaround to re-bitset my discs to +RW.


Use BenQ’s Booktype Management to change booktype. No need to re-burn them. Works for me anyway on my DVD+RW ricohjpnW11’s. I can change them back and forth no problem.