How could I recognize the Japanese maxell 003 cakebox from the Taiwanese?

How could I recognize the Japanese maxell 003 cakebox from the Taiwanese?

I couldn’t find the “made in” and I ended up with a 25pcs cakebox of riteks. If someone could also post a pisture of a cakebox I would be grateful.

It will mostly likely say " Fabrique a Japan " near the UPC Code.

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I think it should be more like “Fabriqué au Japon”, at least my That’s CD-R say that :bigsmile:

I don’t know where [B]talos_2002[/B] is located, but if he’s from Europe, he won’t find COOs on the Maxell cakeboxes.

There are lots of small details that can help you detect the Maxell discs from the huge number of 10 disc cakeboxes though!
Like the eighth number of the EAN/UPC (5 = Ricoh, 3 = Maxell?), or the different look of the barcode area in general.
At least that’s what this thread in the German Doom9/Gleitz DVD forum claims.

This won’t work with 8x cakeboxes though! Lots of Maxell 8x cakeboxes falsely claim MIJ while they are RITEK R03 or RITEK G05 :Z
This has, luckily, stopped with the 16x media though.

I think it’s only the different look of the barcode.
Here,I didn’t find any 16x Maxell media MIJ almost for a year now :sad:

You are absolutely correct kg_evilboy, I do not have the ability to put accents on my letters but what you posted is what I look for on Maxell discs from Japan. The last ones I saw were the Maxell002 in spindles but that was awhile back, I have never seen Maxell 003 here in the USA.

Heh thats weird mines the total oposite for me i bought about 5 8X 100pcs that said MIT but they were actually MIJ ones. :slight_smile:

I am from Greece, Europe, and I don’t find any country of origin on the cakebox. Despite being in Europe, I can find some That’s dvd-r, so I don’t lose my hope to find some real maxells with COO on the cakebox.
Thank you for the tips, I 'll keep searching.

Allmost all non printable consumer(cheap) Maxell media in europe is made in taiwan mostly by ritek with ritek or ricoh MID.

Incase of printables however you probably end up with japanese made media.
However these days most of the 16x -R maxell printables are Taiyo Yuden’s TYG03.
The +R’s seem to be so far Maxell’s own stuff.

Protek series are still Maxell in both cases.

The stuff aimed at the profesional market is like this.
+R => Maxell
-R => Maxell / Taiyo Yuden.

Cheapest way to get Maxell003 safe is to order thermal printables (non consumer). For instance Nierle has them.

Maxell MIJ discs when were available,were usually cheaper than “That’s” brand discs-If you still want TY,there are some Verbatim’s here at “Mediamarkt” this period-Cost 3 euro less,spindle of 50 discs than “That’s”.-Quality is same,because 16x “That’s” discs (imported by local dealer),are bad batches (or Value line),not same in quality as 8x media, even they are in retail package too-Cheap marketing tricks :a

-If you looking try Maxell,maybe find MIJ in package in some batches here :

Media Markt’s business practices are very questionable (cease-and-desist letters sent to competitors and bloggers!), so this is why I do my best to avoid buying there.

It is possible that TY makes some That’s batches specially for the Greek or European market (I have noticed That’s 16x DVD-R 50 packs having the “DVD-R for Professional” card on top which is usually found on cakeboxes with unbranded TY :eek: ), but I haven’t noticed an abnormal “inferiority”. Until now the Taiyo Yuden media from Greece has been very good for me, especially considering the price.
Granted, some of my MAXELL 003 has given me even lower PIE, but at a significantly higher price :bigsmile:

I’ll burn some more of the That’s DVD media from Greece and post scans :slight_smile:

Do you have links to some results, [B]Gary Kokkin[/B]?

The one and only my good result of TYG03@18x is here:
(Most discs of same spindle had terrible results,so went to trash.)

I have only one “That’s” branded 16x media in jewel case-Many bad reports of local forums,avoid me bought them,so I went for Verbatims-Since this period I have opened for use an YUDEN000-T02 spindle,next time I’ll post in same LG forum,result of Verbatim TYG03 or the “That’s” I have for your request as soon as possible.

Local MIJ Verbatims in “Mediamarkt” promoted by the new official dealer here DIONIC SA.-So I don’t think have variations -Most of them also have production date (usually 7/2006 and 10/2006) which never easy see in media batches.

The temptation for quality is over any cost :clap:
(Thanks to my brother’s need for a backup )

Are you sure that it’s the disc and not the drive?
The sudden rise and fall of PIE levels makes me think it’s a drive problem. Have you tried them in other burners?
You should contact the retailers about faulty media. I don’t believe that this is done deliberately.

If you check my other media scan of same thread,there is not specific problem with the drive.-It’s all about the variations of TY media sold in our market.

-Unfortunatelly there is no media (and other products) replacement policy in Greek market ,and local customer support organizations don’t do so much because must go to court,and that is time loose and cost more than the cost of product-So if you bought bad batch,you just have lost your money:sad:
(There are exception for some products,but usually depends on trade competition,as plus in the warranty which valid for all EU)

I agree with kg_evilboy.

A DVD-Recorder can start loosing its stability and accuracy of recording after it has recorded about 200 discs and more. However, this can happen even to a brand new recorder as it might be defective.
If a DVD-Recorder starts loosing its stability and accuracy on recording, then the results on media recording can easily be incorrect. That means that the same DVD-Recorder can produce almost excellent quality writting results on a DVD made in China and in the same time can produce the worst for a made in Japan DVD media, or the opposite (and even this is crazy, it happens very often)! This is instability because of the DVD-Recorder and the bad results are not caused because of the media’s quality.

This is only technical theory-Why you didn’t mentioned the possibility of bad media ?

Nevertheless it would be interesting to see burns from other burners, not only your LG GSA-H12N… :slight_smile:

This is hard to believe. You should work for TY to know.
But mostly, TY would not label as That’s any of their bad batches. That’s brand name represents TY itself and making it look bad would make TY look bad to all customers.
They could give bad batches to small brands or sell them unlabeled or something, but not damage their prestigious band name.

I suggest to create a new thread, since we 've gone off topic now, about the second-class or value line or whatever you call it TY media. Who wants to have the honor? You Gary?

There is some Made in Japan media with somewhat questionable performance too.
The combo Kitano DVD+R DL + LG GSA-H10N doesn’t seem to be the dream team, for example :bigsmile:
And normal SL Kitano 8x DVD-R is not every drive’s favorite either at 8x, but may perform well at 4x.
MIJ media from the big companies (Taiyo Yuden, Sony…) is good though. :slight_smile:

And there is also some MIC and MIHK media that is ok, but this is definitely not something that I would recommend to newcomers…

Maybe [B]Drage [/B]or [B]Arachne [/B]could split the thread?

Oh… if you want the absolutely best media, I would recommend getting some [I]That’s DVD-R for master[/I] (TYG02, 8x DVD-R) for 840 Yen a disc! :stuck_out_tongue:
Just kidding :bigsmile: