How corona is messing with your life

Still having to wear mask in most stores. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yes I do

Unfortunately masks are a necessary evil.

India is getting it phenomenally badly at the moment which just shows what things would be like if it hadn’t been for the precautions.

That’s true? I am worried if one virus can cause so much havoc? Imagine if an enemy releases one from a laboratory. Oh God? :expressionless:

We can probably even be happy about the “low” fatality rate of SARS-CoV2. Imagine a virus that spreads the same way as this one, i.e. incubation time about two weeks and you’re highly infectious before you even notice the first symptoms. And now imagine not “only” two or three percent of the infected people don’t survive but rather 60 or 70 percent like for example with the Ebola virus.

Don’t get me wrong, I think this one virus (and now its mutants) are causing massive problems and the measures against it are often insufficient, but it could have even been worse.

Corona still gives me overtime.

Personally it’s been quite scary. Lots of people around me have had the disease. Some of them might never go back to full health.

I too haven’t been here in quite awhile… but I don’t think I will be getting vaccinated. I know it’s rare but I will be the one who gets a blood clot and die from that!

That will depend on old you are.
If your aged 50 or more. You are 100 times more likely to die from the virus than you are from a blood clot from the vaccine.

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I am over 50. I am going to have really think about. That blood clot issue freaks me out though.


Man if we weren’t able to have medical machines and medications I don’t know if we would be alive passed 72

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There are side effects with every medication, even incredibly common drugs like aspirin, but the blood clot issue with the vaccine is incredibly rare.

Out of 18 million people vaccinated in the UK 7 people died from a total of 30 people who had issues with blood clots. You’ve more chance of winning the lottery than being affected by clots but check out the BBC news article below discussing this.

I’m 4 years from 72 & I’m fortunate as I’m not on any machines or medications.
So unless something unexpected happens I don’t expect to be in 4 years.

Wombler I don’t have migraines but I’m going to make a few suggestions.
Take them as not from a medical professional.
One is raw garlic.
I use a micrograter & put it on buttered toast.
Three medium cloves per slice.
The grating makes the garlic’s chemicals more available.
If you can chew up the raw cloves by themselves you are tougher than I am.

Next about 400 IU of vitamin E a day.

Then Kefir for live probiotics .
The kind I drink has 12 different probiotics.
I’m not convinced that the dry capsul form had the live probiotics it say it does.

There have been plagues, and virus’s for centuries. We just happen to be fortunate enough to live in a time when we can do something with the medical advances we have made. People in the past didn’t have no defence against them. So I don’t believe were over with yet?.