How corona is messing with your life

for me it has ruined my intire summer plans and my stepmom migh have corona if her symtoms keep up she will have to get tested :grimacing: :mask:

so its been a while and my stepmom dose not have covid19 but now my stepbrother is showing symtomes and got tested today i am officially in 3 day quarantine :worried: #hopeforthebest

Hope they are okay. It doesn’t seem to hit younger people as hard. Just wash your hands, wear the facemask and be conscious of your health. So far the virus has put an end to my weekend plans. Typically there is a supper club I like to go to on Thursday nights and because we have capacity limits, sitting at the bar with about 5 other people I go with and ordering food is an impossibility. I like to shoot guns in my spare time too and all the ranges have been closed due to this.

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Tested positive for it last week had a hell of a shit time , slowly on the up though

hope you get better :grinning:

Corona gave me a huge amount of overtime. Still does sometimes.

This planet is doomed.

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I’ve had the first Moderna vaccine shot…
The second will be January 28 if they have more vaccine by then.

So far my arm didn’t fall off.
Where they gave the injection was a bit tender for a few days but only when pressed on.
No allergic reaction or covid-19 symptoms after the vaccine.

Congratulations, I don’t expect to get a vaccination before summer. But for me it’s OK if the focus is on the most vulnerable people first. I can cope quite well with the current situation. I can do all my work from home since March and I’ve always been a couch potato, so lockdowns don’t make a big difference :smile:

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Thanks Liggy
I’m in the 1B category so I qualify to receive the vaccine.
When it was offered I decided to get it.
Not too bad of a wait in line 4 hours from start to finish.

Retired so no problem with social distancing.
I do have to get out to buy groceries & sometimes other items.

I wish people would wear masks & social distance better.
I see a lot that don’t wear a mask.
It is also hard to keep people 6 feet from me.
They get offended when I tell them to get back to 6 feet.

Also people that take children with them to shop.
Rarely necessary. I would like the health department to consider this child endangerment.
Then fine parents for doing this.
Children can get & have died from covid-19.
Even if they don’t they can be asymptomatic & carriers.
This spreads the virus to more vulnerable people.

I will continue to wear a mask & try to keep the 6 feet distance even after fully vaccinated.
At least until the number of new infections drop significantly.

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I take a lot of meds for my CHF and my Neuropathy and my RA, I really hope this vaccine will not have negative effects on me with the concoction of meds I am taking. That’s my only fear. Other than that I am getting the vaccine on 28Jan. I see no choice in the matter.

If I was taking the meds you are I would ask my doctor about taking the vaccine.
From what I’ve read & heard it is usually people that have a lot of allergies that can have problems.
Your medical problems don’t seem to be those.

My understanding is the vaccines make the body create antibodies that attack the protein spikes on the virus by attaching to them.
The actual dead virus is NOT in this vaccine like many other vaccines.
I don’t know how this vaccine gets the body to make these antibodies but they say it does.
This uses the bodies immune system.
This is why there shouldn’t be a reaction with most meds.

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I got my second vaccine shot today.
No problems or symptoms.
I can barely even see where it was injected.

I also saw that they are working an a booster for the South African strain.
I is one of the higher infectious mutations.
They say the vaccines are less effective against it.
They probably don’t have enough facts on this yet.
So they may not need the booster.
Something to watch for.

I haven’t been on this forum in a few years. Hope everyone is staying safe. I’ve been teleworking for almost a year due to covid and I actually really like it.

I’ve been vaccinated as well.


Same here, I am all vaccinated, both shots (Pfizer) feeling well, great to see you back here.


Just had my first dose booked for a couple of weeks from now.

Not sure whether it will be Pfizer or AstraZenica.


jeez its been a little wile since I checked this topic glad to see people getting vaccinated my family just got covid near the beginning of the month we think my dad got it from work so far none of us kids have felt sick but then again wee wouldn’t know if we had it unless we got tested plus I cant go back to school until the 30th hope you all are staying safe

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Sorry to hear that @Jadewolf and I hope you’re all okay.

I had the Pfizer vaccine a few weeks ago and had a strong reaction to it the following day with flu like symptoms but it only lasted for a few hours. Thought I was okay then took a bad migraine, which I’m prone to anyway, which lasted 4-5 days.

Hard to know whether the migraine was due to the vaccine or not but I’m inclined to think it made things worse as my migraines aren’t normally as bad as this and I can usually prevent them taking hold with just a couple of painkillers.

I have a friend whose daughter works in the medical profession and she was chatting to one of the immunologists where she works. Apparently the people that have the strongest immune response to the vaccine are those that have been exposed to the virus previously and I’m convinced I took COVID back in 2019 before symptoms were even publicised. I had a flu like cold back then and lost my sense of taste and smell for a few days.

My second dose isn’t due until the start of June but I’ll be glad when I’ve been fully vaccinated as the adverse effects are way better than ending up seriously ill in hospital.

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My family has been sick with it so I don’t know if and when this will be over…

I can’t go back to school till the 1st of may