How corona is messing with your life

for me it has ruined my intire summer plans and my stepmom migh have corona if her symtoms keep up she will have to get tested :grimacing: :mask:

so its been a while and my stepmom dose not have covid19 but now my stepbrother is showing symtomes and got tested today i am officially in 3 day quarantine :worried: #hopeforthebest

Hope they are okay. It doesn’t seem to hit younger people as hard. Just wash your hands, wear the facemask and be conscious of your health. So far the virus has put an end to my weekend plans. Typically there is a supper club I like to go to on Thursday nights and because we have capacity limits, sitting at the bar with about 5 other people I go with and ordering food is an impossibility. I like to shoot guns in my spare time too and all the ranges have been closed due to this.

Tested positive for it last week had a hell of a shit time , slowly on the up though

hope you get better :grinning: