How copying or creating image is done?

I’m completely noob at CD copying stuff, I wants to create games Images or copy to a empty CD/DVD, how can I pass the CD protection thing? I tried Alcohol 120% (trail) on my battlefield 2, only disk 2 and 3 is image createable, disk one have a lot of reading error when creating, but thats the one I’m really wanting to copy b/c of the annoying CD checking when starting the game. how copying or creating image is done?

First of all, you should check what protection used. I suggest you to use A-Ray Scanner (search the Internet). In your case I believe it’s SafeDisc. These reading errors are normal (from about sector 1500 and up to ~10500). Just use the SafeDisc 2/3 profile and wait when the image dumping is done.

doesnt seems to work… 25 min<1%

BF2 has a nasty copy-protection. Maybe you should risk a look into the copy-protection subforum.

this post was post in the Copy protection forum, but got move by admin.
I go do some research