How copy Warcraft III CD

Hi !

Man listen first.
I don’t know anybody from Alcohol and I don’t work for them ok ?



I’m so HAPPY NOW !

Not only I can make work copy to Command & Conquer Renegade and Command & Conquer Generals but now I can make copy of Warcraft III too.

And all that is just possible to the soooooooo cool copy program Alcohol 120%.

For Renegade and Generals I use (for fun) the trial version 1.4.2 build 308 of Alcohol and man these copy work cause I installed these game with the copy CDs.

For Warcraft III I try (by curiosity) older version of Alcohol (version 1.4.0 build 103) and WORK too.

Man !
Alcohol programmer are GENIUS !!! :slight_smile:


I try before Blinwrite, CloneCD, Nere Express and any make work copy of Generals, Renegade and Warcraft III on my machine.

With Alcohol 120% I can make work copy of these 3 games :slight_smile:

I use SecuromNew “parameter” for Warcraft III and SafeDisc2 for Generals and Renegade.

Man I buy my games ok but I don’t like use original CD (in case they scratch).

Hope will help you !!!

Yeah yeah Alcohol is great but they’re emulating everything. CloneCD does not do this (by default). SafeDisc 2.8 uses pre-gap information which CloneCD does not read and write (since many drives do not support reading of pre-gap info). Alcohol simply knows what’s in the pre-gap of SD2.80 and adds that when a disc is being written. Now where’s the challenge in that? CloneCD can do SD2.80 prefectly when you use the emulate option and enable Hide CDR Media (regardless if you’re playing the back-up from a normal CD-ROM or CD-writer) since then it will block pre-gap reading. As a user you now have a choice. Stop spamming the CloneCD forum with Alcohol things. Alcohol is a great tool, please don’t get me wrong, but this is still the CloneCD forum.